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Terlingua Music is owned and operated by Pat O’Bryan.

Pat is a photographer, writer, music producer, and musician who lives in a cabin in the desert outside of Terlingua, Texas.

If you’re looking for Pat’s commercial and film music, go to patobryan.com

Pat’s music and gig schedule is online at Reverb Nation.

Pat’s on twitter (@Terlinguamusic) and Facebook

Contact Info:

koanwrangler (at) gmail. com

Pat O’Bryan
P.O. Box 316
Terlingua, TX 79852

16 Replies to “About Terlingua Music Online – Contact”

  1. Hey Pat have appreciated the page for some time helps me to keep in touch, in view of recent events I would like to suggest a page for those Terlingua musicians gone before us, I too had the chance to host and participate in the Open Mic tradition and am reminded of those gone before, I’m sure I have not remembered them all but here are a few Doug Davis, Alan Damron, Steven Fromholtz, J Davy Baker, Chris Calvin, Dreena McLaughlin, are a few that come to mind as well as Glenn, he was a true inspiration to the world…….. hasta !

  2. Pat, I’m trying to reach Patrick Smith about music at the rock house today. He left a message on my phone and for some reason my phone didn’t keep a complete record of his number. Do you have the area code for his cell phone number?

    1. we’re currently out of stock – no t-shirts.

      i’m hoarding a few- once they reach $1K on the black market, I’ll let ’em go.

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