Terlingua Photo Gallery

Photos (c) 2011 – 2014, Pat O’Bryan

Pat O’Bryan has been documenting Terlingua music and life since 2011. His prints are currently on display and for sale at the Starlight Cafe and the High Sierra Bar and Grill in Terlingua, Texas.

His new book, “Terlingua Music,” is available at the Trading Post in Terlingua, the General Store in Lajitas, The Paisano Hotel in Marfa, and

 Terlingua Music Book!

Terlingua Music Book!

If you’d like Pat to photograph you or your event, or to order prints, contact Pat at


Alejandro Escovedo in Lajitas

Anna Oakley

Chris Baker with Trevor Hickle

Collie Ryan at the Starlight Theatre

Emilie Clepper

Greg Grymes

Jim Keaveny

Jon Hogan

Michelle Alany
 Uh Clem and Crystal Allbright at the Starlight Theatre 9/16/14

Uh Clem and Crystal Allbright at the Starlight Theatre 9/16/14


3 Replies to “Photos”

  1. Saw your pictures and wondered what life in Terlingua was like as far as the day to day ways of living.
    People there seem to be on the side of life that the “hippies,” of the 60’s lived.
    Is that their way of living or what? And as far as the music, what title would you give it? It’s a little hard for someone such as myself to give it a name or where it might be coming from. Could you or some of the artist give me some idea as of where to place it?
    Thanks, a lot.

    1. Life in Teringua, for the most part, is “live and let live.” We’ve got an assortment of interesting and eccentric characters who live here and we make room for all.

      The music- we have LOTS of poets with acoustic guitars. They create in a vacuum, it seems to me. Totally unaffected by what’s popular elsewhere. There’s also a strong Mexican influence. The Starlight Theatre brings in an eclectic mix of acts from all over the world- jazz, rock, reggae, blues. There’s no one genre that’s essentially “Terlingua,” but strong vocals, great songs, and acoustic guitar are the norm.

  2. Hi, my name is Sy. I just bought 5 acres in Terlingua and will be building an earthbag home/ship in Sept.

    I am an artist/painter for money but do also play drums and bass. If there is a gigging band that might want another member.

    Email me at & I’d love to meet you Pat.

    also here is my youtube channel:

    this is me messing around on the bass on youtube recently but I am more of a drummer. I posted these for just this type of occasion, to show people the genres I like. Thanks Pat 760 910 5083

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