Terlingua Music Venues

Starlight Theatre – Very cool showcase club and restaurant in the historic movie theatre building.  After a few beers, go outside and look at the stars.  This was the old mining camp office complex.  The porch is famous world-wide.  Get there early, grab a beer at the Terlingua store, find a seat and listen to the conversations or the music.

Try the chicken-fried steak, it used to be antelope. Currently, wild boar.  2 for 1 burgers on Mondays.  Good Mexican food.  Try the Prime Rib salad.

Local singer-songwriters during the week.  Weekends and during “the season” look for high-quality Austin acts.

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The Boathouse– Originally, the boathouse was… a boathouse- a place where the river guides could store their boats and gear, make picnics for the tourists they were hauling down the river, and drink beer.

It will be closing April 30, 2016 and will reopen sometime this summer under new management.  Check back for contact info, etc.

La Kiva-  newly remodeled, new roof, new kitchen…  amazing decor on the inside retains the flavor of the original with major upgrades.

La Kiva is now open and serving beverages. They hope to have the kitchen open soon.

They feature local acts, open mic on Wednesday, and the occasional road show.

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Thirsty Goat Saloon – Lajitas – 12 Miles West of Terlingua.  Improbable dude ranch vibe. Private airstrip- think “Miami Vice.”  Owned by Kelcy Warren, the fracking king of Texas. Don’t tell the locals you’re staying here.

Suites and hotel rooms, swimming pools, golf course, zip line…

Restaurant is wildly erratic- from “that’ll do” to “so that’s what the Ben E. Keith truck delivered this week.” Occasionally, the waitresses speak English.

The saloon has a good selection of beer, wine and your best chance of finding a decent single-malt scotch on this stretch of the border- but, you’re gonna pay “country club” prices for it.  Bring that gold card and be prepared to use it.

The restaurant delivers to the bar, so you can sit on the leather couch and watch sports- even while the band is playing.

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