Big Music Weekend in Terlingua

Last weekend was about as “Terlingua” as you can get.

Saturday there was a big benefit at the American Legion post at Terlingua Ranch to raise money to buy food for the Terlingua Crisis Center food distribution program.

George Goss and Webb Abbot and the “Sons of the Legion” put on a day of skeet-shooting, axe-throwing, prizes, cake-walks and music. Oh yea- there was also a tuna steak dinner that absolutely rocked.

The music continued Sunday at the High Sierra. Jeffro Greasewood is back in town having successfully grown several inches and a huge smile. Jeff Haislip hosted an open mic that started on the stage, moved into the dining room and ended up outside in the new outdoor bar.

Here’s the pics- enjoy!


Bruce Salmon playing the benefit at the High Sierra. Jim Keaveny on tambourine. George Goss on beer.

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Terlingua Music – the photo-book – at

We’re taking Terlingua Music to the world!

If you’re in the Big Bend, you can get your copy of Terlingua Music- the photo-book at the Trading Post near the Starlight Theatre or the General Store in Lajitas.

If you’re in some strange and exotic location, for example, North of Alpine, Texas, you can grab your copy now at

terlingua music book cover

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The Story of the Viva Terlingua Festival

The 1st Annual Viva Terlingua Music Festival is now just a fond memory, a hard-drive full of videos and photographs, and something to look back on as we plan next year’s festival.

By any standard, the fest was a success. By the standards I set out with the sponsors when we were planning it, it was a raging success.

Over 30 musical performances in two locations- performers from California, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Old Mexico, and all over Texas joined us in the beautiful Big Bend of Texas. Many of them had never been here before. They’ll be back.

There were several highlights – Joe King Carrasco on Thursday night at the Starlight Theatre was legendary. People will be talking about that show for a long time.

Andres Cantisani, Aaron Todd, and the duo, Tahoma, jamming at the Thirsty Goat Saloon in Lajitas was a magical moment.

The New Vagabonds were definite crowd pleasers.

At the top of this page there’s a menu tab that says “music videos.”  Any time you want to see and hear Terlingua Music, that’s the place to go – and I’ll upload videos from the festival as I get them done.

Movies – we had movies.  

The Grove, Texas, is a documentary about a ghost town, somewhat like Terlingua, and the man who kept it going – and what it was like when he got old and had to sell it.

The Road to Austin, Gary Fortin’s masterpiece about Stephen Bruton’s final musical performance, features Bonnie Raitt, Delbert McClinton, Kris Kristoffersen, Eric Johnson, and a cast of Austin’s finest pickers in a gorgeously produced film.

Local favorite, Crystal Allbright’s “Hoops For Rain,” was a trippy celebration of hula-hoops and cinematography.

We learned a lot about putting on a film festival this year, and next year’s festival will be much bigger.

Photography- Butch Hancock brought out several of his amazing photos for our exhibit. Crystal Allbright and Fran Brothers, among several others, also displayed their photos.

I exhibited my photos of Terlingua Musicians.  Continue reading

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Viva Terlingua Festival – Day 4

It’s a wrap.

The last night of Viva Teringua Fest kept the momentum going.  Due to a temporary casualty in the sound crew I had to run sound at Lajitas Sunday, so I didn’t get to the Starlight Theatre- we’ll round up some pics and reports from there, too.

I’m going to post pics- I have many stories to tell, and as soon as I’ve recovered from the weekend I’ll tell most of them.

Here’s a video of Jesse Brand and Butch Hancock doing a song-swap at the Thirsty Goat Saloon-




Aaron Todd gave us a wonderful concert of classical and flamenco guitar.


Andres Cantisani sang his lovely songs in Spanish and English. He also instigated the first jam session.


Dan McCoy


Jack Pledge was just here for the party – till we heard him play. He played “main stages” at least twice.


Jason Blum


Sweet harmonies, excellent songs- Tahoma.

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Viva Terlingua Festival Day 3

Viva Terlingua Festival – Day 3

We kicked off the Saturday fest with a film festival -

Breadwinner, Vanessa Cook’s comedy, was definitely a hit.  And, of course, The Road to Austin, Gary Fortin’s masterpiece, got an ovation.

The Grove, a documentary about a family, a town, a lifetime of collecting, and the disbursement of the collection… just go see it.  Definitely tugs at the heart-strings in a good way.

It was very, very cool to sit out here in the comfy, air-conditioned Flat Rock Theatre with the mountains of Mexico out the front door and brand-new Indie films showing inside.

Then the music… I’ll post reports from the Starlight as they come in. I spent the day at the Thirsty Goat in Lajitas.

Ashley Rose had already gotten quite a bit of attention Friday when she played solo. Her duo act, “The New Vagabonds,” were definitely crowd pleasers.

Jason Blum got us started, Dr. Fun, featuring Griff on slide guitar, showed what the local boys can do.

The March Divide and D.B. Rouse kept the rhythm going… and then, Gary Fortin walked in and told me that Jesse Brand and Butch Hancock were going to do a song swap for the last set.

There is no way I could have planned this one…

If you were there, you know.  If you weren’t there… well… here are some pics.  Let me see how the video looks…


Butch Hancock and Jesse Brand – Intense


Butch and Jesse


D.B. Rouse


Dr. Fun, with Griff on slide and Joshua on bass


Jason Blum


The New Vagabonds – audience favorites

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Viva Terlingua Festival Day 2

Here are some pics from Viva Terlingua Festival day 2.


Butch Hancock


Crystal Allbright


Happy crew: Craig, Jose’, Sierra, Buckner


The Griff


Los Pinche Gringos


Jesse Brand




Laird Considine


The March Divide… solo.

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Viva Terlingua Festival Day 1

The first day of the first annual Viva Terlingua Festival was amazing.

Wednesday was all about getting ready.  The Thirsty Goat Saloon at Lajitas Golf Resort and the Starlight Theatre both got new sound systems this week. I spent some time helping Buckner Cooke at the Starlight and Trevor Hickle at the Thirsty Goat dial in their new PA systems.

Then, we set up the photo exhibit.  Crystal Allbright and Betsy Blaydes did the work while Butch Hancock and I “supervised” while talking of fractals and eating peanuts.


Butch Hancock supervises while Crystal Allbright and Betsy Blaydes hang his photos.


Butch taking pics of his pics.


Butch taking pics of my pics.

Thursday, the music started.  I was at the Starlight – we’ll have pics from the Thirsty Goat later…

Jeff Haislip started the show, with Griff on national steel guitar. Griff stayed on stage and played with Collie Ryan.

Carlos Maxwell brought the whole band: George Womack on drums, Ted Arbogast on guitar, Neil Trammel on bass, and Robin on interpretive dance and flute. They rocked.

Then, Mexican rock star Andres Cantisani played… lots of “who is this guy?” conversation ensued. Andres and I used to kick around Monterrey, Mexico together playing bars and exploring. Andres also played with me when I toured around Texas in the 90′s and early 2000′s. He’s just gotten better and better…

Joe King Carrasco closed out the show. He’s got a rocking band and man, does he put on a show. Joe danced on the bar, ran through the crowd playing guitar, and just generally blew our minds.

And that was day one.  Tonight we crank up with day 2.

Also, the film festival starts today.  Schedule at

Here’s the first video from the festival – Joe King Carrasco on the bar at the Starlight Theatre.



Andres Cantisani


Carlos Maxwell


Collie Ryan




Jeff Haislip


“You must be Joe King”


Joe King Carrasco


Joe’s icon.

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Viva Terlingua Festival Schedule of Events (updated)

logo (1)

Here’s the tentative schedule for the 2014 Viva-Terligua Festival.

To buy wristbands and get more info, click HERE.

Check-in to get your wristbands – Noon- 5:00PM in the lobby at Lajitas

Wristbands will also be available at the venues.

Check back here for the film festival schedule.

Thursday, Aug 14 – The Thirsty Goat, Lajitas

9-10 Butch Hancock

8-9 Virginia Heaven

7-8 Jeff Haislip

6-7 TBA

5-6 George Goss

Thursday, Aug 14 – The Starlight Theatre, Terlingua

10-12 Joe King Carrasco – full band!

8:30- 9:30 Andres Cantisani

7:30 – 8:30 Carlos Maxwell

6:30 – 7:15 Collie Ryan

5:30 – 6:45 Jeff Haislip

Friday, Aug. 15 – The Thirsty Goat

10-12 The Staylyns

9-10 Tom Ben Lindley

8-9 Dan McCoy

7-8 Lisa Kettyle

6-7 Alex and Marti Whitmore


Friday, Aug 15 – Starlight

10:00 – 12:00 Los Pinche Gringos

9- 10 Butch Hancock

8-9 The March Divide

7-8 Jesse Brand

6-7 Laird Considine

5-6 Jalepeno Schwartz


Saturday, Aug. 16 – Thirsty Goat

10:30-12 The March Divide

8:15-9:15 DB Rouse

7:15-8:15 Jaeger Wells

6:15-7:15 The New Vagabonds

5:15-6:15 Dr. Fun

4:00 – 5:00 Jason Blum


Saturday, Aug. 16 – Starlight

10- 12 Bottom Dollar String Band

9- 10 Matt Harlan

8-9 Jesse Brand

7-8 DB Rouse

6-7 Ma N God

5-6 Crystal Allbright


Sunday, Aug. 17 – Thirsty Goat

8-10 Andres’ Cantisani

7-8 Aaran Todd

6-7 Tahoma

5-6  Jason Blum

4-5  Trevor Hickle

Sunday, Aug 17 – Starlight

10 – 12 The Shady Rest Trio

8:30 – 9:30 Matt Harlan

7:30-8:30 Jeremy Stedding

6:30 – 7: 30  Radio Restoration

5:30 – 6:30 Quiet Morning and the Calamity

5:00 – 5:30 Alex and Marti Whitmore

4:30 – 5:00 George Goss



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Viva Terlingua Festival Survival Guide

Viva Terlingua Festival Survival Guide – how to have the most fun possible at the Fest.


Before you come to the Viva Terlingua Festival, there are a few things you should know.

When you get to Terlingua – Thursday there will be a check-in table in the lobby of the Lajitas Golf Resort. Check in there to get your wrist band, program, and other goodies.

Fri-Sunday check-ins will probably be at the venues but we’ll announce that later.

Where to stay- the best hotel options in the Big Bend.

1. Lajitas Golf Resort - The town of Lajitas and the Lajitas Golf Resort are basically the same thing. Over half the events at the festival- half the music and all of the films – will be held in Lajitas at the resort.

Also, your best option for breakfast and lunch is the Candalilla restaurant at the resort. There will be special meal deals for attendees in the $10 range.

Normally, Lajitas is pricey – $250 – $500/night for rooms. Since you’re coming to the festival, you get your room for just $99/night – but you have to tell them you’re coming for the festival to get the deal.

All rooms are air conditioned, and are very cowboy-chic. There are two pools. And you can walk to the Thirsty Goat Saloon and the Flat Rock Theatre from your room.

There are only 100 rooms available and they’re filling up fast.

Lajitas also has an RV park with full hook-ups and spaces for tent camping.

2. The Holiday Hotel  - Another option is the Holiday Hotel in the Terlingua Ghost Town. 12 rooms within easy walking distance to the Starlight Theatre, where the other half of the music will be.  Very hip Sant-Fe style air conditioned rooms- but there are only 12 of them.

Where to eat.

Breakfast and Lunch

1. Candelilla Cafe at Lajitas. We’ve arranged special breakfast and lunch deals for Viva Terlingua Festival attendees. The cafe is about 10 feet from the Thirsty Goat Saloon where the music will be and you can bring your food into the bar so you don’t miss anything.

Another big consideration is that the Candilla is the ONLY air conditioned eating establishment near the Festival.

2. La Posada Milagro. This is a very cool open-air breakfast and lunch (only) taco stand in the Terlingua Ghost Town. They have the best coffee for 100′s of miles in any direction, breakfast tacos and plates and sandwiches. Excellent food reasonably priced.

Not air conditioned.

Dinner Options

1. The Starlight Theatre in the Terlingua Ghost Town. Full menu, featuring chicken fried Antelope, gourmet burgers, Chipotle Pork Loins and a full bar. Half the music shows will be held in the Starlight, so you can chow down, grab a cold beer or a boutique margarita and enjoy.

2. Candelilla Cafe – Lajitas. Steaks, Mexican food, Seafood, and burgers. 10 feet from the music at the Thirsty Goat Saloon.

Where’s the music?

We’ll be running two locations simultaneously: The Starlight Theatre in Terlingua and The Thirsty Goat Saloon in Lajitas. Terlingua and Lajitas are 12 miles apart. Some of the acts are playing both locations, so keep your Festival program handy.

It’s an easy drive from Terlingua to Lajitas on a nice paved road through some gorgeous scenery BUT there are some surprises. If you’re going to be partying, take advantage of the shuttle service that will be running regular circuits from venue to venue.

Where are the films?

The Flat Rock Theatre is a one-minute walk from the Thirsty Goat Saloon in Lajitas. We’ve got some great films scheduled, including “The Road to Austin” and “Trash Dance.” The filmmakers will be at the screenings. Bottom line – you don’t want to skip the films.

There will be local short films and the finalists from the Viva Terlingua Festival’s film contest will be screened.


Yep. Rock star photographer, Rodney Bursiel is bringing music and surf photos. There is a strong possibility that Butch Hancock will be displaying his work. And there will be a gallery of Terlingua Musicians photos.

Also, the finalists from the Viva Terlingua Festival photography contest will be showing their work.

Enjoying the desert.

1. Although it’s generally cooler in Terlingua than it is in Austin in the summer, it’s a dry heat, which can be confusing if you’re not used to it. Always keep a few liters of water in the car if you’re driving. As you’re enjoying the festival remember to augment your partying with plenty of water. A liter an hour is a reasonable minimum.

2. The Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park are both nearby. The drive West from Lajitas on Hwy 170 is one of the top rides in the country. There are bike trails, hiking trails, horse-back riding, gun range…  before the music starts, you won’t get bored.

3. The Terlingua area is home to many musicians, songwriters, artists, etc. There will be lots of jamming opportunities. I recommend that you travel with your guitar (or other instrument) because you never know… the porch in Terlingua is famous world-wide for the impromptu music that happens there. The after-show parties in Lajitas… well, Reckless Kelly, Mike and the Moonpies, and many other touring acts are still recovering and talking about it.

If you’re playing the festival-

1. If your act is all acoustic, let us know how many mics and DI’s you need.

2. If you’re using amps and/or drums:  there will be guitar amps on the stage at the Starlight Theatre, where most of the electric shows will be held.  You’re welcome to use ‘em. There is also a sort of drum kit. You’re welcome to use that, too- you might want to bring your snare, hi-hat, and any cymbals you’re especially fond of. There will also be a bass amp.

We encourage you to use as much of the existing gear as possible so that you’ll get the most stage time possible.

3. We’ve got a lot of entertainers coming, and most sets are 45 minutes or so. This time INCLUDES SET-UP. If you walk on stage with your acoustic guitars (tuned!), plug in and play, you’ll get smiles from the staff and also get to play your whole set.

If you’re a full electric band with drums, work with us to get as much set-up done as possible before your set.

4. The schedule is going to change. There are some last minute additions and cancellations. Check with us when you pick up your bracelets to find out when you’re really going to play.  It will be the same day as your slot on the schedule. Be prepared to play two sets, just in case.

5. The Lajitas General Store is the only place South of Alpine where you can find strings, picks, etc. You might want to stop at Trans-Pecos Guitars in Alpine on your way down. Say “hi” to Mark Pollock, the proprietor, and tell him I sent you.

6. The Starlight Theatre is offering some specials for participating musicians. Drink and possibly food discounts. Check with the Starlight when you get here.

7. Performers will get “all access” wristbands. You’re encouraged to support the other acts. Also, there are some amazing Indie Films being shown. Take advantage of the whole festival.

 Jamming on the porch - Terlingua

Jamming on the porch – Terlingua

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Viva Big Bend Festival 2014

For the very first time, the Viva Big Bend Festival came to South Brewster County.


Trevor Hickle and I found out a few days before the shows that we were going to be the sound crew for the festival. This involved some scrambling and long days, but allowed us to meet and hear some new friends and hang out with some old buddies.

It was a blast. The O’s, Butch and Rory Hancock, and Mike and the Moonpies were professional and put on amazing shows. Emilie Clepper premiered her new band and pretty much floored us all in English and French.

Wednesday night was also George Goss’s birthday, and he brought his party to Lajitas- cake and everything – so the crowd was twice as big and several times as festive. George was also celebrating the 1,000,000th view of his “Ain’t No Honky Tonks in Jail” video on YouTube. Quit a birthday present!

It was a great rehearsal for the upcoming Viva Terlingua Festival.  It was also exhausting, and it was just six bands in two days at one location. I have a suspicion that running sound and co-ordinating 30+ acts over four days at two locations is going to be an adventure.

Now we know what gear we need to acquire (mics, lights, backline, direct boxes) and have a better idea of what’s going to be involved.

Pics from Viva Big Bend Festival below- enjoy!


The Anthony Ray Wright Band


The Anthony Ray Wright Band


The O’s.


The O’s.


Butch and Rory Hancock


Emilie Clepper and new band.


Emilie Clepper band – tight fit on that stage.


Moonpie Mike – Mike and the Moonpies


MIke and the Moonpies closed the show with a very tight set.


Rory Hancock’s strat


Moonpie Mike and Trevor Hickle

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