Butch Hancock, Butch Morgan – 2 fer 1 Butch’s

Butch Morgan and Butch Hancock did a song swap at the Starlight Theatre during “Burger Night.”

It’s always a bit bizarre to hear Butch Hancock at a local venue. It shouldn’t be. He’s been a resident of Terlingua, off and on, for decades.

Butch also talked me into buying a new camera. Now, I’ve got to decide which one I want.

Butch Morgan was still in town- he came down for the “Terlingua Music Bash.”

Later, Jason Blum and a woman I don’t know sat in with Butch Morgan and did some songs. As I was leaving, John Hogan and Maria Moss were preparing to do a short set.

Just another night in Terlingua.


Butch Hancock played his classic tunes.

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Terlingua Music Bash 4.

It’s been an amazing week of music in Terlingua.

The Al Barlow Terlingua Music Bash was pretty much everywhere, all the time. From the porch to the Starlight Theatre, High Sierra, Boathouse, and on the road during the parade, there were poets with acoustic guitars and high-speed pickers.

Saturday, there was a parade. People in costumes piled in trucks, cars, vans and on motorcycles and drove from the High Sierra to the porch and back, honking their horns, yelling, and entertaining the crowd.

I played at The Boathouse Friday night with Moses Martinez. Trevor Hickle, Jason Blum, and Tim (bass) sat in. You could tell the room was full of pickers- lots of guys my age walking real slowly past my guitars, looking at the headstocks. I don’t have pictures of that one- haven’t figured out how to play, sing, and take pics at the same time.  Yet.

Don’s done a great job with the remodeling there, and he’s very supportive of music and musicians. It’s great to have that venue back.

Friday and Saturday night, Los Pinche Gringos played at the Party Barn for a huge gathering of bikers. Saturday night, I was the “featured guest.” The Gringos are always a blast, and the crowd- after they got some beer in ‘em- filled up the dance floor. I played a few blues tunes, and discovered that there were even some blues lovers in the crowd. Cool.

During the break, I took some pics- enjoy!


C7 playing on the porch – hula hoopers in the parking lot.

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Terlingua Music Bash – 3.

Having so many great pickers in one place created a swirling, colorful, magical “porch circle” last night.

Danny and Trevor Hickle, Patrick Smith, Jeff Haislip, Janna Lavin, Collie Ryan, and many more… as the sun set over the Chisos, the music whirled around the porch like an aural tornado.

Later, the music continued at the High Sierra, where Bo Porter and “Schindler’s List” played to a packed house.


a gorgeous orange Harley in the ghost town.


Bo and Mandy (?).


Claude Butch Morgan and Bo Porter


Local legend, Danny Hickle, leading the circle on the porch in Terlingua Ghost Town.




They call ‘em “Schindler’s List.”


Trevor Hickle laying down a lead on the porch.


Trevor and Bo. High Sierra.

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Terlingua Music Bash 2

The Terlingua Music Bash continued Wednesday night.

The open mic that, in previous years, was held at La Kiva moved to the High Sierra this year.  Al Barlow hosted the show, Jeffro Greasewood ran sound and security, and the music was pretty amazing.

The bash continues through the weekend.

al and janna


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Terlingua Music Bash 2014 – 1.

Al Barlow and his crew of singer/songwriters from all over are arriving for the 20th annual Terlingua Music Bash. There are live music events happening at the High Sierra, the Boathouse, and the Starlight Theatre this week.

I’ll try to get a schedule… the only one I’ve seen was in Al’s hand, and it was a rough draft.

And, just in time, the Boathouse is open- with Gumby and Sierra behind the bar.

Here are some pics from Tuesday night- stay tuned, there’s gonna be lots more.

Al and shark

Al Barlow sticking his head in the shark’s mouth at the Boathouse.

al jim anna

Al, Jim Keaveny, and Anna Oakley at the Boathouse.

al map

Al with the big-ass map at the Boathouse.


Long time coming… the Boathouse, all lit up and open!

dixie pat albert moses

Moses Martinez, Dixie Beal, Patrick Smith, and Albert Besteiro play as Jeffro Greasewood tweaks the PA.

dixie pat albert

Dixie, Patrick and Albert


Dixie, with Patrick and Albert at the High Sierra

jason albert

Jason Blum and Albert at the High Sierra

sierra gumby

Just like olde times – Gumby and Sierra at the Boathouse.

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Chinati weekend in Marfa, 2014

Marfa, during the Chinati Weekend art walk, is worth doing- to look at the art and to watch the people looking at the art.

Marfa is artsy on any given day. During the Chinati weekend, Marfa goes all out.

Terlingua/Marfa photographer, Jessica Lutz, had invited us to her opening/exhibit. Walking out of the Paisano after a delightful dinner, we noticed a woman giving away wine and mixed nuts on the sidewalk in front of the gallery there.

She explained that it was Chinati Weekend. I asked a nearby sculptor what that meant. He said, “it’s when people come to Marfa to give money to the Chinati foundation and look at local art.”

I asked him if anybody bought the local art and he said, “I’m hoping. Usually not.”

Jessica and Ka Yoll held their exhibit in an abandoned house. There was art in the ballroom, art in the warehouses, art on the street… everywhere you looked there was another art exhibit, filled with hip-chic people looking at art.

jess 1

Jessica Lutz in front of one of her photos

borders sign

Poster for Jessica and Ka Yoll’s opening

jess and ka yoll

Ka and Jess enjoy a moment while Betsy Blaydes admires a photo 

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Brittany and Billy – the reception.

Following the wedding (Click HERE for that), Brittany, Billy and a few hundred of their friends and family adjourned to the Starlight Theatre in the Terlingua Ghost Town for a subdued and sober celebration.

There was a buffet dinner that tasted distinctly home-made- locally home-made. There was beer. There was a reggae band from El Paso.

I’ve tried to organize these pics so they tell the story. They’re unedited, for the most part, although I did play with a couple of them. I’ll get with the newlyweds later and find out which pics they want properly edited.

This was a uniquely Terlingua party. I got to meet people who have moved away but live on in stories and legends – and come home for parties.

As you can see from the pics, a good time was had by all.



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Brittany and Billy – the wedding.

Yesterday, Brittany and Billy hosted a beautiful celebration on the banks of the Rio Grande. And in the Rio Grande.

Later, there was an intimate gathering at the Starlight Theatre for a few hundred of their closest friends and family.

I took over 1,000 photos yesterday – whew! I chose a few to put up so you can share the experience. It was wonderful!

I’m putting these up so you can get an idea of what it was like. They’re nowhere near “ready for prime time.” At some point, I’ll sit down with the newlyweds and identify which shots they want me to focus on.

In the meantime, these tell the story.



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Brittany and Billy – at the High Sierra.

In Terlingua you’ll hear it said, “we take care of our own.”

Brittany and Billy are certainly “our own,” and the community gathered to support them as they launch their new family.

The parking lot was full of contestants in the dutch-oven baking competition. The club was full of well-wishers.

There was a live music and a huge auction, with heated bidding on many items. All money raised went to the soon-to-be newly weds.

Here’s the pics-



Full House.

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Jimmy’s happy hour – Terlingua Music

Old friends gathered for happy hour with Jimmy Holbrook at his unique “Passing Wind” compound Friday afternoon.

Jimmy will be back for the chili cook-off.

Keep scrolling for pics of music at the Starlight Theatre and the Thirsty Goat Saloon.



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