Legendary Legion Jam 4 – live Terlingua music

Amazing live music in Terlingua, Texas!

This month’s Legiondary jam had an international feel to it.  We had performers from Scotland, listeners from Germany, and I think there was a guy from Dallas, too.

Andrew, the Scottish singer, knew more old-time mountain music than most Americans, including me.  So, we put together an old-style mountain band and did some of that.

There was also poetry.  Donald, who is traveling with Andrew and is also from Scotland, recited some funny lyric poems.  Claud Luke Dudley, world famous cowboy poet, opened the show with some word pictures of cowboy life.  He also got so inspired by Donald’s poems that he did an encore.

Folk, country, blues and rock also ensued.  It’s hard to believe the level of songwriting and performance talent that shows up at these jams.  This area is a hot-bed for poets with acoustic guitars.

As usual, there was an amazing pot-luck dinner served.  Pulled pork, BBQ sausage, BBQ beef, venison chili, salads, deserts.  Plenty for everybody, and all delicious.

Every month, we pass the hat for a local charity.  This month, it was for Judy’s medical expenses.  As you may know, after last month’s Legionday Jam, judy was driving home, slowly and soberly, and a flying saucer swooped down and ran her car off the road.  Luckily, Judy’s fine, although her automobile suffered some serious damage from the alien attack. Continue reading “Legendary Legion Jam 4 – live Terlingua music”