“The Succulents” – Austin music in Terlingua

Last night, the all-female band, The Succulents, played at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua.


The Succulents at the Starlight Theatre

Here’s their bio from their Reverb Nation page.

The Succulents are an indie/folk/country/soul band from Austin, Texas known for their three-part harmonies. All three of their founding members, Erin O’Keefe, Audrey Abbott, and Stacey Blackman are singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists who bring a diverse range of influences to their songs and performances. Some of their favorite artists include The Beatles, Kitty Wells, John Lee Hooker, Daniel Johnston, Stevie Wonder, Lena Horne, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and Lita Ford. They are frequently likened to Mazzy Star. They proudly accept tips, hugs, compliments, and whiskey drinks at their shows.

They pulled into the Starlight parking lot hauling a U-Haul trailer, from which they extracted an impressive array of acoustic and electric guitars, a vintage RMI keyboard, kalimba, harmonica, and amplifiers.


 Vintage RMI keyboard

Vintage RMI keyboard

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The Road to Austin – Doug Moreland – Terlingua.

The Road to Austin and Doug Moreland and the Flying Armadillos – this week in Terlingua.

I’ve said that “everything comes to Terlingua if you just wait long enough.”

Sometimes you don’t have to wait long at all.

Gary Fortin brought his amazing movie, “The Road to Austin,” to Lajitas last Wednesday.

 Gary Fortin and Trevor Hickle

Gary Fortin and Trevor Hickle


The movie starts out with a brief history of Texas music, then morphs into the story of a concert held in Austin.  Stephen Bruton was music director of the concert. A few months before the concert, Stephen was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He heroically did a fine job producing the concert with Gary, but by the night of the show he was very ill and weak. Continue reading “The Road to Austin – Doug Moreland – Terlingua.”

GoatStock 2014 – party for the candidates.

GoatStock 2014 was a chance to hear speeches and meet the candidates to replace the beer-drinking goat mayor of Lajitas.

There are 4 candidates running for mayor- a goat, a mule, and two guys who kinda look like goats.  Or rejects from a ZZ Top cover band.

On May 10, 2014, at GoatStock in Lajitas, Texas, we got to meet them and hear their campaign speeches.

The goat, Claymore Henry, is the favorite. He’s a direct descendent of Clay Henry, who was the original beer-drinking goat mayor. His speech was short and direct. He spent most of his allotted time trying to eat the banner on the front of the stage.

Claymore Henry - beer drinking mayor of lajitas

Claymore Henry

Pancho the mule is running a strong campaign.  He’s firm and resolute and required quite a bit of coaxing to hop up on the stage and give his talk.

Pancho the mule - lajitas mayor election

Pancho the mule

George Goss, whose slogan is “Respect the goat, give George your vote,” promised free beer if he’s elected mayor. George gave a rousing speech and promised changes in Lajitas.

Lajitas mayor race - George Goss

George Goss

Tate Treybig is running on the “Three C’s,”  Corrupt, Crooked and Convenient. Although Tate is running an old fashioned “Texas Politics” campaign that would make Rick Perry proud, his speech tugged at the crowd’s heart strings.   Continue reading “GoatStock 2014 – party for the candidates.”

Voices From Both Sides 2014 – Fiesta Protesta!

2014’s “Voices From Both Sides” Fiesta Protesta celebration at the Lajitas crossing was a success on every level.

There were many more people on both sides of the Rio Grande.  There was massive media coverage- National TV, radio, and print outlets sent crews to cover the celebration.

Al Jazeera America TV story HERE.

New York Times story HERE.


Our community, from both sides of the border, gathered to show our love for each other and express visibly the fact that it’s one community on both sides of the river.   Continue reading “Voices From Both Sides 2014 – Fiesta Protesta!”

Brewski Salmineo at the Starlight – 5/8/14

Brewski Salmineo – Bruce Salmon, Michelle Alany and Amanda Kitchens put on one of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed at the Starlight Theatre last night.

No shit.

Bouncing effortlessly from Hungarian to French to intricate instrumentals in odd time changes to songs from Bruce’s new CD, they left the audience – including pretty much every musician in town – slack jawed and stunned.

And that is not hyperbole.  Frank Myer, Trevor Reichman, Chase Peeler, Jeff Haislip and I kept looking at each other and laughing- not really believing what we’d just seen and heard.

Hearing musicians of this calibre perform and laugh and joke while performing reminded me of why I picked up the guitar in the first place.

 Michelle, Amanda, Bruce

Michelle, Amanda, Bruce

It was obvious that Bruce, Michelle and Amanda enjoy playing together, and watching them crack jokes while playing licks that would leave a sane musician just shaking his head…
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Music in Terlingua – just another Sunday.

It wasn’t a special day for music, but it was a day when the music in Terlingua was special.

REMINDER:  next weekend is GoatStock and Voices From Both Sides – huge weekend celebration in the Big Bend.  All the info you need:  http://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/happenings/

First, I stopped by the Terlingua porch in the ghost town.  In addition to the usual suspects, Will Rogers award-winning songwriter, Gil Prather, was back in town.


Gil Prather
Will Rogers award winning songwriter, Gil Prather.

Will Rogers award winning songwriter, Gil Prather.

Later, Gil, Webster and I stopped by the El Dorado/High Sierra to watch Hank Woji and Mark Lewis.  Chase Peeler was sitting in on sax.  Continue reading “Music in Terlingua – just another Sunday.”