Viva Terlingua Festival Day 3

Viva Terlingua Festival – Day 3

We kicked off the Saturday fest with a film festival –

Breadwinner, Vanessa Cook’s comedy, was definitely a hit.  And, of course, The Road to Austin, Gary Fortin’s masterpiece, got an ovation.

The Grove, a documentary about a family, a town, a lifetime of collecting, and the disbursement of the collection… just go see it.  Definitely tugs at the heart-strings in a good way.

It was very, very cool to sit out here in the comfy, air-conditioned Flat Rock Theatre with the mountains of Mexico out the front door and brand-new Indie films showing inside.

Then the music… I’ll post reports from the Starlight as they come in. I spent the day at the Thirsty Goat in Lajitas.

Ashley Rose had already gotten quite a bit of attention Friday when she played solo. Her duo act, “The New Vagabonds,” were definitely crowd pleasers.

Jason Blum got us started, Dr. Fun, featuring Griff on slide guitar, showed what the local boys can do.

The March Divide and D.B. Rouse kept the rhythm going… and then, Gary Fortin walked in and told me that Jesse Brand and Butch Hancock were going to do a song swap for the last set.

There is no way I could have planned this one…

If you were there, you know.  If you weren’t there… well… here are some pics.  Let me see how the video looks…


Butch Hancock and Jesse Brand – Intense

Butch and Jesse

D.B. Rouse

Dr. Fun, with Griff on slide and Joshua on bass

Jason Blum

The New Vagabonds – audience favorites