Exploring Ojinaga

From Terlingua to Ojinaga is a 62 mile drive across some of the most beautiful scenery in Texas.

Hwy 170 - River Road - between Terlingua and Presidio
Hwy 170 – River Road – between Terlingua and Presidio

Ojinaga sits just across the Rio Grande from Presidio, Texas. The drive itself is a destination – people come from all over the world to drive River Road. At the end of the drive is an adventure and really good food.

Entering Mexico
Entering Mexico

This was my 4th trip to OJ and my 2nd solo trip. When I ask locals what there is to do in OJ, the answer is always Continue reading “Exploring Ojinaga”

Ojinaga – Shopping Day in OJ

Lots of Big Bend locals go to Ojinaga (OJ) regularly to shop and eat, go to the doctor, buy prescription drugs, get their shoes fixed… it’s a great resource.

I’ve lived down here over 2 years and I’ve only been once. I’ve got a passport- I think my reticence was that it’s different, strange. I don’t speak Spanish. Crossing back into the U.S. is irritating. And… aren’t there dangerous cartels in Mexico?

OJ is about an hour and a quarter drive to the West of Terlingua.  Today, I rode with a buddy who was going shopping and to the dentist.  It was a blast and a breeze.

The dollar is strong in Mexico:  1 dollar = 16 pesos.  I don’t think in base 16, so I flipped the equation: 100 pesos = $6.25. For some reason that made it easier for me to compare prices.

Getting pesos.
Getting pesos.

Our deal was that I’d buy our meals, and my buddy would drive and show me around. First stop was at the street vendor who sells shrimp cocktails. Because so many of the bank executives in OJ are from Sinaloa on the coast, they’ve arranged for fresh seafood to be delivered daily. Continue reading “Ojinaga – Shopping Day in OJ”