C.A.S.I. Chili Cook-Off, Terlingua, 2014

The Chili Appreciation Society of America’s Chili Cook-off in Terlingua, Texas just has to be seen to be believed.

Tits, Beer, and Chili is the rallying cry.

Thousands of people, RVs, tents, 4-wheelers, and trucks create a temporary city between Terlingua and Lajitas. During the day, it’s a dusty, hung-over parking lot with redneck zombies wandering around nursing a “hair of the dog” that bit them the night before.

Tonight will be a combination of Mad Max and a Fellini film.

Last Wednesday, The Fabulous Vortexans, a blues band I’m proud to play with, performed for an appreciative crowd. The scene was impressive then. Since then, thousands more chili-heads have made the trip.

Tonight will be the big party- Chili will be served and judged, there will be music, dancing, pole-dancing, breast painting, and a LOT of alcohol will be consumed. I’ll be safely playing the Boathouse in Terlingua with Trevor Hickle and Laird Considine… darn it. The missed photo opportunity…

I drove through the site today just to get a feel for it- here’s some pics.


At the tequila and cigar party

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