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India and William need YOUR help – donate NOW because Terlingua needs India and William to be here and healthy.

India and William Wilson have had some health issues and financial problems since the Covid 19 pandemic began. They had to close their art studio and the places that India put her jams, jellies, pickles, salsas and breads were no longer buying her products because of closures and cutbacks caused by the pandemic. So the extra money they had in the bank has been exhausted to pay their bills.

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Then arose medical issues with their eyes and dental issues with their teeth. With declining vision they decided to spend what was the last of their savings to get their eyes examined. That cost almost a thousand dollars for eye examinations and the needed glasses. They both knew their eyes were bad and have now been told that they both must have surgery. William has Aggressive Cataracts already covering his eyes. He will go blind if this surgery is not done as soon as possible. India has a growth of some sort on one of her eyes that will also require ophthalmic surgery.

They have arranged to have some one take them to El Paso so they will need expense money for the needed trips and lodging in El Paso. To raise money they had a sale at their gift shop and raised as much as they could but that was still not enough money to pay for everything.

Both William and India now also have dental issues that need immediate attention. William had some dental repairs done and this was followed by some breakage causing a need for much more dental work. India also has dental problems which she believes will need for five teeth to be pulled.

Medicare will pay for part of the eye surgery costs but it will still cost India and William at least $3,000 out-of-pocket. Dental costs have not been calculated but they will in all likelihood be substantial.

For many years India and William have given generously to the community in many ways. It is now time, and an opportunity for the community to give back to help them in this time of need.