The Road to Austin – Doug Moreland – Terlingua.

The Road to Austin and Doug Moreland and the Flying Armadillos – this week in Terlingua.

I’ve said that “everything comes to Terlingua if you just wait long enough.”

Sometimes you don’t have to wait long at all.

Gary Fortin brought his amazing movie, “The Road to Austin,” to Lajitas last Wednesday.

 Gary Fortin and Trevor Hickle

Gary Fortin and Trevor Hickle


The movie starts out with a brief history of Texas music, then morphs into the story of a concert held in Austin.  Stephen Bruton was music director of the concert. A few months before the concert, Stephen was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He heroically did a fine job producing the concert with Gary, but by the night of the show he was very ill and weak. Continue reading “The Road to Austin – Doug Moreland – Terlingua.”

This Week in Terlingua Music – 10-21-13

Americana Music in Terlingua, Texas

Here’s the live music info we’ve got so far-

Venues and Musicians – send me your info or add as a comment here, and I’ll make sure it gets online.

The BIG news this week is that Alejandro Escovedo is bringing his band to the Amphitheatre at the Lajitas Golf Resort this Saturday night, Oct. 26.  Of course, this being Terlingua, there’s great live music happening pretty much every night.


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Buster Jiggs Rocks Lajitas!

Texas Americana/Rock band Buster Jiggs Rocked Lajitas with a FREE outdoor show!

The Pavilion at the Lajitas Golf Resort may be my favorite music venue in the Big Bend.

Last night, Buster Jiggs, a rockin’ Texas band from Hondo, Texas, played there.  It was a free show, the brisket tacos were cheap and good, and there was plenty of beer…

It was refreshing to see and hear a rock and roll show out here – we’ve got plenty of talented singer/songwriters, but occasionally I do like to hear a loud guitar, meaty drums, and passionate vocals.

Buster Jiggs’ songs are melodic.  They would work with just an acoustic guitar.  However, with a tight band rockin’ them, it made for an interesting experience.

This was the first of this season’s free concerts at Lajitas – Alejandro Escovedo is coming soon.

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