Mark Kneeskern Memorial Art Party – 2016

Last night was the 3rd (?) annual Mark Kneeskern Memorial Art Party/Auction at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua, Texas.

All art you see in the pics, and more, is available to purchase. Proceeds go to a fund to finance various art-related charitable activities including free art lessons for local children, scholarships, art supplies, etc.

I’ll add more detail later, but here’s how it looked to me.

You’re welcome to share these photos for any non-commercial purpose. (right-click (ctrl-click on Mac), “save image as”)


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Mark “EYEBALL” Kneeskern at the Starlight Theatre

Tonight, after playing tub bass with Jeff Gavin at the High Sierra, local author and entertainer – and world-class hitchhiker, Mark Kneeskern, performed some scenes from his book, “THE LAST AMERICAN HITCH-HIKER” 



Right now, Mark is offering free shipping when you order one of his books.  I’ve got one.  It’s a good, bouncy read.  From his web page: Continue reading “Mark “EYEBALL” Kneeskern at the Starlight Theatre”