Butch Hancock and Bruce Salmon together at the Boathouse

Just another night in Terlingua.

A couple of locals got together at the Boathouse to sling songs.

Butch Hancock and Bruce Salmon got together for, as far as I know, the first time to trade tunes.

It wasn’t an intuitive match-up. Butch’s songs have a timeless West Texas by way of Dharamsala vibe. Simple chords, deceptively simple lyrics that are as precise as diamonds.

Bruce’s songs sound to me like they’ve been excerpted from an interesting play. Possibly a play set in Eastern Europe. Like Butch, his songs tell stories. His melodies, however, can be based on modes that are more Eastern than Western. Certainly not Country and Western.

They’re both folk singers, and the combination and juxtaposition of their songs and styles made for a fascinating evening of music.

Inevitably, dancing broke out during the last set. Jim Keaveny, who knows a bit about writing songs, added percussion on his tambourine. Stories were told, beer and chicken-fried steak were consumed, and when they played “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding,” harmonies joined in from various places in the room.

Just another night in Terlingua.

Butch and Bruce
Butch and Bruce 

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Terlingua Halloween 2015

Halloween in Terlingua. For about 15 years, the big party was at La Kiva. Gumby behind the bar, Trevor Hickle and band on the stage, and locals in amazing costumes dancing.

Some things change, some things stay the same.

This year, the big party was at the Boathouse. Gumby behind the bar, Trevor Hickle and band on stage, and a packed house of locals in amazing costumes.

The Fabulous Vortexans played the blues and jam-rock, Gumby and Laura served the beer, James cooked dinner and played drums- but it was the vampires, skeletons, and zombies of Terlingua who provided the entertainment.

Betsy grabbed the camera and took the pictures.

h1 h2

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