New Terlingua Music: Paul Sprawl at the Boathouse

A couple of weeks ago, a tall lanky guy wandered into my recording studio by accident. We got to know each other, and found we had a lot in common.

Then, I pulled up a youtube video of him playing… wow. Here’s a video- you can go to YouTube and type in his name and be entertained for hours.

He and his wife have moved to Terlingua and are creating a space for artists called “Glint” on their land.  He told me a little about himself:  he’s a touring musician, does better in Europe than the U.S., is quite technologically savvy and knows his way around a recording studio.

We talked a while, and I encouraged him to play the local venues here in Terlingua so his neighbors can get to know him- and enjoy his music. Very soon, I heard he was going to play at the Boathouse.

LaRoja and I attended the show, had some excellent Chiapas Pork Tacos, and stayed until closing time. Several other musicians showed up, and we would occasionally look at each other and shake our heads in disbelief. It’s really hard to believe one man can make so much music.

Paul’s style is hard to describe- Imagine the technical mastery of Michael Hedges and the soulful wailing of John Hammond Junior… or just go see him- he’s booked some more local shows.  He’s also agreed to play the Viva-Terlingua Festival this August!

I did manage to snap a few photos. Here’s what it looked like to me:






3 Replies to “New Terlingua Music: Paul Sprawl at the Boathouse”

  1. real deal. I could get with this. maybe when I get back to Terlingua, who knows. all the best Paul and thanks Pat, for your keen eye and big ears.

  2. Even some non-musicians would occasionally look at each other and shake their heads in disbelief. One of our legendary Terlinguists who’s seen and heard years and years of music in and around Terlingua said he’d never heard anything like Paul. Amazing.

  3. When I found his videos and then picked my chin up from the floor, my first thought was ‘Michael Hedges meets the blues!’ I love the percussion and artistry, and look forward to hearing his music live along with the interpretative dance of Leralee. Thanks for posting, Pat!

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