Terlingua Music Bash 2015

The “Barlow Fest” – Terlingua Music Bash, 2015, was the 21st (?) annual celebration of Texas Americana Music held here.

There was music everywhere: The Boathouse, The Starlight Theatre, on the porch, in the desert at Gareth Park, at La Kiva…

I’ve known Al for over 20 years… at one point I commented, “back in the day when I’d go to open mics, it seemed like everybody was my age. Now, all these years later, when I go to open mics it seems like everybody’s my age.

Terlingua has pretty much recovered from the onslaught of pickers- the Barlow Fest is the first event of our season, to be quickly followed by two chili cook-offs, the “Ride for Trails” biking convention, and, basically, the Fall tourist season. Continue reading “Terlingua Music Bash 2015”

Terlingua Music Bash

19th Annual Terlingua Music Bash

For the 19th year in a row, Al Barlow is hosting the Terlingua Music Bash – a gathering of singer/songwriters and music lovers from all over the world.

Check the previous post for dates and times – there’s something going on every day.

One day 2 of the Music Bash, the party was on the porch as the Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment played in the Starlight.

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