Terlingua Music Bash

19th Annual Terlingua Music Bash

For the 19th year in a row, Al Barlow is hosting the Terlingua Music Bash – a gathering of singer/songwriters and music lovers from all over the world.

Check the previous post for dates and times – there’s something going on every day.

One day 2 of the Music Bash, the party was on the porch as the Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment played in the Starlight.

aliensclem dannybird hickles maggie porch1 porch2 porch3


Here are some pics from the Open Mic at La Kiva Wednesday night.

3 part harmony
3 part harmony
al barlow
Al Barlow
The Whitmores
The Whitmores
The Whitmores
The Whitmores
chris baker and trevor hickle
Chris Baker and Trevor Hickle
chris baker and collie ryan
Chris Baker and Collie Ryan
collie ryan
Collie Ryan
danny hickle
Danny Hickle
Del Hickles
The Dell Hickles
del hickles with chris baker
The Dell Hickles with Chris Baker

girl1 nickand unknownduo unknownsolo

2 Replies to “Terlingua Music Bash”

  1. Hi there, I’m Cseven Windham the last pic shown from the music bash with Al Barlow
    I was there for two weeks with Al and would love an invite for the Chilli Cook Off
    If you’d like to contact me please do so…
    (512) 558-1558. Email c1windham@gmail.com
    It would be nice if there were compensation for shows being I had just spent two weeks there. I can wait to return ASAP
    Thank You. Cseven

    1. Hi C7,

      You should contact the people who handle the chili cook-offs and see what they’ve got open.

      And – compensation for music shows out here is pretty much dependent on how many butts you can put in seats.

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