Terlingua Music Bash 2014 – 1.

Al Barlow and his crew of singer/songwriters from all over are arriving for the 20th annual Terlingua Music Bash. There are live music events happening at the High Sierra, the Boathouse, and the Starlight Theatre this week.

I’ll try to get a schedule… the only one I’ve seen was in Al’s hand, and it was a rough draft.

And, just in time, the Boathouse is open- with Gumby and Sierra behind the bar.

Here are some pics from Tuesday night- stay tuned, there’s gonna be lots more.

Al and shark

Al Barlow sticking his head in the shark’s mouth at the Boathouse.
al jim anna

Al, Jim Keaveny, and Anna Oakley at the Boathouse.
al map

Al with the big-ass map at the Boathouse.

Long time coming… the Boathouse, all lit up and open!
dixie pat albert moses

Moses Martinez, Dixie Beal, Patrick Smith, and Albert Besteiro play as Jeffro Greasewood tweaks the PA.
dixie pat albert

Dixie, Patrick and Albert

Dixie, with Patrick and Albert at the High Sierra
jason albert

Jason Blum and Albert at the High Sierra
sierra gumby

Just like olde times – Gumby and Sierra at the Boathouse.

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