Terlingua Music Bash 4.

It’s been an amazing week of music in Terlingua.

The Al Barlow Terlingua Music Bash was pretty much everywhere, all the time. From the porch to the Starlight Theatre, High Sierra, Boathouse, and on the road during the parade, there were poets with acoustic guitars and high-speed pickers.

Saturday, there was a parade. People in costumes piled in trucks, cars, vans and on motorcycles and drove from the High Sierra to the porch and back, honking their horns, yelling, and entertaining the crowd.

I played at The Boathouse Friday night with Moses Martinez. Trevor Hickle, Jason Blum, and Tim (bass) sat in. You could tell the room was full of pickers- lots of guys my age walking real slowly past my guitars, looking at the headstocks. I don’t have pictures of that one- haven’t figured out how to play, sing, and take pics at the same time.  Yet.

Don’s done a great job with the remodeling there, and he’s very supportive of music and musicians. It’s great to have that venue back.

Friday and Saturday night, Los Pinche Gringos played at the Party Barn for a huge gathering of bikers. Saturday night, I was the “featured guest.” The Gringos are always a blast, and the crowd- after they got some beer in ’em- filled up the dance floor. I played a few blues tunes, and discovered that there were even some blues lovers in the crowd. Cool.

During the break, I took some pics- enjoy!


C7 playing on the porch – hula hoopers in the parking lot.


Joshua and Tim

Patrick Smith, Moses Martinez, and Tim jamming on the porch

Prepared for anything.

Terran responds to the parade.

Al Barlow led the parade.





A young biker at the Party Barn.

George Womack, auctioneer and drummer with Los Pinche Gringos.

The Party Barn was packed.


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