“The Succulents” – Austin music in Terlingua

Last night, the all-female band, The Succulents, played at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua.


The Succulents at the Starlight Theatre

Here’s their bio from their Reverb Nation page.

The Succulents are an indie/folk/country/soul band from Austin, Texas known for their three-part harmonies. All three of their founding members, Erin O’Keefe, Audrey Abbott, and Stacey Blackman are singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists who bring a diverse range of influences to their songs and performances. Some of their favorite artists include The Beatles, Kitty Wells, John Lee Hooker, Daniel Johnston, Stevie Wonder, Lena Horne, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and Lita Ford. They are frequently likened to Mazzy Star. They proudly accept tips, hugs, compliments, and whiskey drinks at their shows.

They pulled into the Starlight parking lot hauling a U-Haul trailer, from which they extracted an impressive array of acoustic and electric guitars, a vintage RMI keyboard, kalimba, harmonica, and amplifiers.


 Vintage RMI keyboard

Vintage RMI keyboard




Over the course of the evening, they played a show of mostly original tunes. The small but enthusiastic crowd enjoyed the show – I don’t think anybody who wandered in wandered back out until the show was over.

The Succulents are obviously serious about their music and their career. In addition to the instruments, they travel with Austin photographer, Leah Overstreet, who engendered a serious case of lens and camera envy in at least one local photographer. Draped with various full-frame Nikons, Leicas, and an array of lenses, she captured the show and the town.

 Leah Overstreet

Leah Overstreet

Between sets, the girls hung out on the porch, got to meet the locals, and marveled at the sunset reflected on the mountains of Big Bend National Park.

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