Aliens in Terlingua? You’d be surprised.

Terlingua, Texas Americana Music – the Aliens gave a grounded performance but kinda laid down on the job, LOL.

Legiondary Jam 5 was a huge success.  Best attendance ever.  Excellent music – musicians from other places are starting to discover our little jam.

The pot-luck dinner was stunning:  etouffe’, bbq bratwurst, chili, BBQ from Bobby’s Blues and BBQ, and much, much, more.

I’ll post about that tomorrow.

The Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment’s set deserves a post of its own.

I provide the PA system for the show and run the sound.  As I was setting up Jim Keaveny’s microphone, he informed me he was going to perform laying down.


Then, Pablo Menudo decided that if Jim was going to play horizontally, then he would, too.  I guess he was showing solidarity with Jim.

Nick and Anna watched for a minute, laughed, and joined them.   It was a sight, especially seeing Nick cuddled up with his big ol’ bass on the floor.

They did actually perform a song.

Chris Baker was intrigued.  She walked up to the stage area, and joined the band.

After a while, several members of the audience were also laying down on the dance floor.

I’ll let the aliens leave comments if they want to tell us what the significance of the horizontal performance was.

I can tell you that it was hilarious.

Here are the pics and video.  Enjoy!  

na19 na18 na17,

na15 na14 na13 na12 na11 na10 na9 na8 na7 na6 na5 na4 na3 na2 na1

4 Replies to “Aliens in Terlingua? You’d be surprised.”

  1. OMG, I am so sorry I left before the Jam. It looks like you really had a great time and good music (as always). Sorry I missed it but look forward to seeing the jamsthat take place while I am gone. Miss y’all, see you in October.

    1. Hi R2,

      were you actually there?

      In the past month or so, the legion has added two new smoke-eaters. Also, since it was warm, we had the door open AND the air conditioner on. 😉

      A lot of the more smoke averse types congregated outside. You can hear the music there just fine, and the desert breeze is cool and clear.

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