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TerlinguaCares is a non-profit organization that operates under the umbrella of the Big Bend Citizens Alliance (BBCA), a 501 (c) 3.  All money donated to TerlinguaCares is disbursed to residents in need as the need arises.

TerlinguaCares has paid for doctors, x-rays, travel expenses, food, education expenses, orphanage in OJ, food for the food bank, psychological help for orphans, Boquilas Christmas, motels for people getting chemotherapy, gas to the doctor’s office or hospital…

It’s amazing how much good we, as a community, can do with just a little money.

Due to ongoing community needs, TerlinguaCares needs to raise some more money to give away.

There will be a music festival fund-raiser featuring local, and possibly not-so-local talent very soon to raise money for our ongoing projects. There will be silent auctions, food, baked goods, etc. in addition to all-day music performances.

The date will announced as soon as we’ve finalized a few more details.

In the meantime, if you’re not in the area or want to help now, click the DONATE button above.

If you have questions or want to participate contact Pat O’Bryan via Facebook or at koanwrangler (at) gmail (dot) com.



Benefit for Judy

Judy Boe Towry needs some help.  

One of our very dear community members has experienced some medical issues in the last few weeks. She needs some help, and she needs it now.

Click the “Donate” button to pitch in.

She suffered a heart attack and had angioplasty surgery which will help in the meantime along with medication. Parts of her heart are damaged and she will have a difficult time working in the next few months. Along with that, the doctors discovered she has histoplamosis. This is a fungal infection in the lungs. She is on an aggressive treatment plan to heal from that also.

What she and her hubby Phil don’t have is money for doctors, drugs, transportation, etc.  Out here, we take care of our own, and Judy is definitely one of “our own.”

Click the “Donate” button and give what you can – you don’t need a PayPal account to contribute.

All proceeds from this online fundraiser will go directly to Judy via TerlinguaCares / Big Bend Citizens Alliance, a 501 (c) 3 corporation that serves the Terlingua and Terlingua Ranch community.

For any inquiries, you may send an email to info@jackassflats.us

On To Romeoville

Romeoville? Yep. I’m in Romeoville. Tomorrow I’ll see if there’s a Julietville.

(My daughter just informed me that Joliet used to be called Juliet.)

Spent last night in St. Louis, and had the only mediocre Indian food I’ve ever had. Previously, Indian food was like a cross between religion and sex. Surprising and delightful.

This was Luby’s cafeteria quality. And the waiters were surly and slow. I’m pretty sure I won’t go back to St. Louis again, and damn sure I’ll never go back to that restaurant.

Then, across and up Illinois to Romeoville, which is a suburb of Chicago, I think.

South of Chicago, the state is pretty much unoccupied. And, unlike Chicago, pretty redneck. I saw a bunch of “America First” and Trump signs… not sure what for. It’s like he and his followers still can’t believe he actually successfully stole the election.

I’m still not used to the trees turning colors… wondering if there’s something wrong with them. Are they ok?

As I approached Peoria (singing B.B. King: “she said she gonna leave me in Peoria Illinois…) the traffic got thick and dangerous. Going the speed limit just pissed ’em off.

And, for the 4th day in a row, as the sun started to go down a greasy drizzle pizzled on my 4runner, streaking the windshield and making the road slick.

Could be a sign.

Tomorrow, Chicago.

(Don’t) Meet Me In St. Louis, Louie

I got to Tulsa way after dark last night…  Hey Tulsa, turn on the damn street light.  It was dark and rainy, and the hotel was hidden two blocks off the street.

This morning I woke up to a sunny day and looked around Tulsa.

Tulsa is Dallas, is North Austin, is Houston, etc.  Same ol’ big box stores, chains, chain restaurants…

Had breakfast at a Hungry Bear, which is a chain I’d never heard of… pretty good breakfast, great service. Then, on the road. Continue reading “(Don’t) Meet Me In St. Louis, Louie”

Tulsa Time

Left Snyder- cranked out cowboys in hopped up dodge pickups.  Oil country.  Cotton.

Toll roads all the way to Tulsa.  Fall in Oklahoma. No dust bowl here- trees turning red, yellow, orange… and the dirt really is red.

Construction.  Rain.  Driving in Tulsa is like driving in Dallas.

Finally found the motel… two blocks off the main drag.

Deep breath.  Exhale.


Terlingua to Snyder

We drug our feet leaving Terlingua…  we don’t want to leave.

On the porch we hugged. LaRoja told me, “we’ll get through this together.”

The drive to Fort Stockton was gorgeous. Turquoise skies, puffy clouds, cool and sunny… the irony that weather cleared up after over a week of rain on the very day I leave is not lost on me.

From Stockton to Monahans was a little less fun.  Oil field country.  Cranked out punks with semi trucks and a bad attitude.

From Monahans to Snyder was hell. I-20 is riddled with construction, and as dangerous as the Stockton to Monahans leg of the journey but with 10 times more traffic. I can’t imagine why anybody would be in a hurry to get to Odessa, Texas, but I huddled the right side of the road going the speed limit (75) while jacked-up pickups and semis tail gated each other, cut each other off… Continue reading “Terlingua to Snyder”

Winter Walkabout

I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Chicago.

For now, let’s call it a Winter Walkabout.

Earlier this summer I went on a walkabout:  Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, 3 weeks in Chicago, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and back.

I had to go to Chicago for family stuff, and when it came time to go home I discovered I was near the top of the map and had never seen that part of the country.

It was an adventure. Utah won, with its amazing natural scenery, but everywhere I travelled had a story and a vibe.

Now, I’m going back again for more family stuff. Continue reading “Winter Walkabout”

A Portable Lifestyle?

(I’m just going to put this out there because it will make me actually get off my ass and do this thing. feel free to rag me about it.)

To quote Billy Joel, “You may be right. I may be crazy.” But, like Willie Nelson said, “If you ain’t a little bit crazy there’s something wrong with you.”

I’m probably not irretrievably out where the buses don’t run, but I am in the mood for some changes. I just kinda looked up and most of my friends have taken dead or are absent. Stuff that used to matter a lot doesn’t any more and it may be getting towards that time where if I’m gonna check off any more items on my bucket list I’d best get to moving.

As far as I know, I’m in good health. But, I do notice that I see obits for people who have moved on that are younger than I am- and nobody’s saying they died tragically young. Not being morbid, here, just looking at it. Continue reading “A Portable Lifestyle?”

Catfish needs a car

Let’s get Catfish mobile!

Your donation will be processed by Terlingua Cares, which operates under the Umbrella of the Big Bend Citizen’s Alliance which is a 501.c.3 non profit organization.

Terlingua Cares will then turn the money over to Marcos Paredes, who will work with Catfish to acquire transportation.