(Don’t) Meet Me In St. Louis, Louie

I got to Tulsa way after dark last night…  Hey Tulsa, turn on the damn street light.  It was dark and rainy, and the hotel was hidden two blocks off the street.

This morning I woke up to a sunny day and looked around Tulsa.

Tulsa is Dallas, is North Austin, is Houston, etc.  Same ol’ big box stores, chains, chain restaurants…

Had breakfast at a Hungry Bear, which is a chain I’d never heard of… pretty good breakfast, great service. Then, on the road.

It’s fall. That’s a season that pretty much skips the part of Texas I live in. We go straight from summer to winter. So, it’s interesting to see leaves turned yellow, orange, red, and purple.

Zipped through the rest of Oklahoma and into Missouri. Nice place, nice people, more fall.

Grabbed a cowboy hat for Susan in Joplin, which seems to be a nice little town. Then through what might have been the Ozarks. Granite looking rocks rising along the highway with forests of trees with fire colored leaves.

As the day progressed it got darker and darker until, once again, as the sun went down the greasy drizzle started. I drove the last two hours in the dark in the rain, dodging semi trucks and hunting for white lines to follow.

That’s when I hit the construction zone, which stretches on for miles outside St. Louis.

Both hands on the wheel, neck muscles taut… find a car that looks like it knows what it’s doing and follow that.

Once again, the motel was two blocks off the street where its address is, but I’m getting better at finding ’em.

The hotel was next door to an Indian restaurant- pedestrian food and surly waiters and I enjoyed every bite and ignored the waiters.

I haven’t had time to take many pictures- trying to put as many miles under the 4runner as I can.

Tomorrow I may cruise into Chicago or I may stretch the trip out one more day.

A last look at 9 point mesa
A last look at 9 point mesa
cheap gas in Snyder, Tx
cheap gas in Snyder, Tx
is it really cheaper to drag all that gear out than it is to pay a flag guy?
is it really cheaper to drag all that gear out than it is to pay a flag guy?
I don't know
I don’t know
the trees are turning funny colors.  are they ok?
the trees are turning funny colors. are they ok?

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