Brittany and Billy – the wedding.

Yesterday, Brittany and Billy hosted a beautiful celebration on the banks of the Rio Grande. And in the Rio Grande.

Later, there was an intimate gathering at the Starlight Theatre for a few hundred of their closest friends and family.

I took over 1,000 photos yesterday – whew! I chose a few to put up so you can share the experience. It was wonderful!

I’m putting these up so you can get an idea of what it was like. They’re nowhere near “ready for prime time.” At some point, I’ll sit down with the newlyweds and identify which shots they want me to focus on.

In the meantime, these tell the story.


BB2 BB3 BB4 BB5 BB6 BB7 BB8 BB9 BB10 BB11 BB12 BB13 BB14 BB15 BB16 BB17 BB18 BB19 BB20 BB21 BB22 BB23 BB24 BB25 BB26 BB28Billy dunk

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