The Porch After Voices From Both Sides 2016

Voices From Both Sides 2016 – Fiesta Protesta

I decided to sit this one out.

I think this was the 4th year that Terlingua has celebrated ” Voices From Both Sides.” For the last two years I arrived early, helped set up the sound system, and, with Trevor Hickle, sat behind the sound board in the sun.

The first year it was mostly a local event. This year national and International TV and news outlets attended and people flocked from all over. For pictures of this year’s celebration slip over to Google or Facebook and do a search- there were lots of great photographers in attendance.

I sat on the porch talking with some other locals and waited patiently. Sure enough, as the sun started to set the party moved to the porch. Guitars, dobros, mandolins, fiddles, a viola (not a fiddle!) and voices melded into a magical impromptu performance. Continue reading “The Porch After Voices From Both Sides 2016”

Changes at the Boathouse

It’s 2016. The history of the building we know as the Boathouse in Terlingua starts in 1981,  There have been a lot of changes there during its 35 year life.


Since I’m a relative newcomer to the area- I bought my property 10 years ago and have lived here full-time for just 3 years – I asked Mike Davidson, who’s owned that property since the early 80’s, to write a “history of the Boathouse” for us- it’s included at the end of this blog post. Continue reading “Changes at the Boathouse”

Terlingua Alter Ego Party 2016

Originally a La Kiva tradition, the April Fool’s Day Alter Ego Party in Terlingua has grown to at least three locations.

La Kiva had one, the Starlight Theatre had it’s 100th anniversary Alter Ego (it was the first one…), and the Boathouse had what was probably the most traditional one.

Alter Ego parties are characterized by cool costumes, advanced levels of silliness, dancing, and a guest appearance by Betty Crocker.

Since the Fabulous Vortexans were booked to play the party at the Boathouse, I watched it all from behind a Stratocaster. Here’s what it looked like to me.

Mo Harp
Mo Harp

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Reefer Madness!!

Last night was “opening night” for the Terlingua Las Minute Low Budget Production of Reefer Madness.

There was a reception starting an hour before show time- punch, cookies, chips, jalapeno gluten free rice flour munchies, and- of course- brownies.  Given the subject matter of the play, I was wondering… but, no.

This was my first experience with LMLB productions and I was very impressed. The theater is intimate and comfortable, sight-lines are fine, the sound and lighting was professional and the show rocked.

The only problem I can foresee is that they’re gonna need a bigger building fairly quickly- last night was standing room only.

I’m not going to say much about the play except GO SEE IT!  It’s funny, cute, and light… until it becomes surprisingly dramatic.

The players:

Dr. Carroll, Mrs. Lane, Detective, Policeman, Bailiff, Lawyer, D.A., and Judge- Billy Miller

Mary- Elizabeth Thompson

Bill- Troy Sergent

Jimmy- Moses Martinez

Ralph- Pablo Menudo

Blanche- Shoshana Perkins

Mae- Deena Nolan

Jack- Chris Lee

Here’s some snapshots from opening night.

The costume contest
The costume contest
Catfish directed the play
Catfish directed the play

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Holiday Music – Terlingua

There was some amazing music in Terlingua over the holidays:

Butch and Rory Hancock, Jimmie Dale and Colin Gilmore, Gurf Morlix, The Mastersons, Bonnie Whitmore, Jacob Jaeger, Kristopher and Ann Wade, The Jitterbug Vipers, Will Taylor (Strings Attached), Chet O’Keefe…

And some locals also played- The Whitmores, The Fabulous Vortexans (with Chase Peeler on Sax!), Jim Keaveny and band.

From a consumer’s point of view, it was a delicious smorgasbord of wonderful noises.

I play guitar and keys in the Fabulous Vortexans Blues/Jam Band and our show at the Starlight Theatre was packed. It is so much fun to play for a room full of dancing, happy people. That band at that venue on that night is becoming a tradition, and it’s one I treasure and hope to continue for years. I’ve come to expect New Year’s Eve to be packed.

However; I was surprised that the Townes Van Zant tribute (1/1/16) at the Starlight was so packed that there was nowhere to stand or sit. There were so many people listening to the music… and ordering drinks and food… and talking… and the waitresses zoomed by like smart bombs loaded with burgers and beer, gracefully bouncing off of people who drifted and rebounded like the rocks in an old asteroids video game looking for a safe place to stand… Continue reading “Holiday Music – Terlingua”

Jitterbug Vipers at the Boathouse

Before the Jitterbug Vipers unleashed their Viper Jazz on a standing room only crowd in the Boathouse, Sharron and Jeffro had a renuptual ceremony behind the Boathouse.

What’s a renuptual ceremony? Well, first there was the “Frayed (fraid) knot ceremony where Jeffro and Sha promised to not get married. Then they got married. Then, yesterday, they did it again.

After the ceremony, the attendees all laid on the dance floor and watched the sun dogs in the sky. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a sun dog before- it’s a rainbow directly overhead, best viewed from a prone position after a couple of shots of sotol.

Viper music was developed in the 1940’s to celebrate the underground- specifically pot-smoking- culture that was developing then. It’s a fun, swinging genre that leaves lots of room for virtuoso soloing by the musicians. Greg Harkins, Beth Gallagher, and Cinco laid down some very impressive leads.

Popularized by the gone but damn sure not forgotten Slim Ritchy (The Most Dangerous Guitar Player in Texas), the current line-up of the Jitterbug Vipers keeps the spirit and chops alive and jamming.

The Boathouse was absolutely packed. Some of the tourists seemed confused, and left early. This was not what they expected. Their places were quickly taken by those who “got it,” and the crowd stayed to the end.

The Vipers will be back at the Boathouse tonight. Long-time Terlingua celebrity Uh Clem will be at the Starlight.

Here’s some pics from yesterday- enjoy.

Jacob Jaeger
Jacob Jaeger

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Community Christmas – Dana Idlet & Friends – Melissa Greener

The music started early yesterday with the Community Christmas Celebration at the Party Barn.

The primary school students started us off with “The 12 Days of Christmas Terlingua Style,” which was announced in English and Spanish. “And a rattlesnake under a rock…”

Then, older students performed on recorder and sang and danced to a carol.

Of course, Santa Claus showed up and was a huge hit with the shorter attendees.

Then, the community choir performed carols.

Through it all, the talented Ted Arbogast made it all come together: accompanying the recorder choir, leading the community orchestra, helping the youngsters who lost the melody find their way back. Continue reading “Community Christmas – Dana Idlet & Friends – Melissa Greener”

Help Santa Bring Christmas to Boquillas’ Children

For the last 12 years, long-time Terlingua resident Marcos Paredes has taken food and presents to the children of Boquillas on Christmas Day. Marcos and some of his friends and neighbors have bought presents for the children plus turkeys and hams for their families, and delivered them personally.

This is a wonderful tradition. For it to continue, we need to pitch in.

Although there is now a legal border crossing into Boquillas, tourism is way down from where it used to be and without our efforts these children will not have much of a Christmas.

This year, Santa needs some help.  He needs your help so that our less fortunate neighbors to the South can celebrate Christmas.

You can help by donating using the button below. Your money will go to Terlingua Cares, which is associated with the Big Bend Citizen’s Alliance (a 501.c.3 non-profit organization based in Terlingua, Texas), and all funds raised will go to pay for gifts and food for the children of Boquillas.

If you’d like written confirmation of your donation for tax purposes, contact me (Pat O’Bryan) at koanwrangler (at) gmail (dot) com.


Santa hands out presents to the children of Boquillas
Santa hands out presents to the children of Boquillas
The reindeer can't swim, so Santa has to paddle.
The reindeer can’t swim, so Santa has to paddle.
Ho, ho, ho.
Ho, ho, ho.


Terlingua Halloween 2015

Halloween in Terlingua. For about 15 years, the big party was at La Kiva. Gumby behind the bar, Trevor Hickle and band on the stage, and locals in amazing costumes dancing.

Some things change, some things stay the same.

This year, the big party was at the Boathouse. Gumby behind the bar, Trevor Hickle and band on stage, and a packed house of locals in amazing costumes.

The Fabulous Vortexans played the blues and jam-rock, Gumby and Laura served the beer, James cooked dinner and played drums- but it was the vampires, skeletons, and zombies of Terlingua who provided the entertainment.

Betsy grabbed the camera and took the pictures.

h1 h2

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