The Porch After Voices From Both Sides 2016

Voices From Both Sides 2016 – Fiesta Protesta

I decided to sit this one out.

I think this was the 4th year that Terlingua has celebrated ” Voices From Both Sides.” For the last two years I arrived early, helped set up the sound system, and, with Trevor Hickle, sat behind the sound board in the sun.

The first year it was mostly a local event. This year national and International TV and news outlets attended and people flocked from all over. For pictures of this year’s celebration slip over to Google or Facebook and do a search- there were lots of great photographers in attendance.

I sat on the porch talking with some other locals and waited patiently. Sure enough, as the sun started to set the party moved to the porch. Guitars, dobros, mandolins, fiddles, a viola (not a fiddle!) and voices melded into a magical impromptu performance.

Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Fromholz – the songs rang out as the sun reflected on the Chisos Mountains.  In Terlingua, we watch the sun set in the East.

Gil Prather sang a few. Marc Utter borrowed my Dobro and led the choir. Chase, Mark Lewis, and Mark Utter and Jana Laven got some fine 4-part harmony swirling around. Charlotte and a very fine fiddler named Blake Whitmire got some fun stuff going on San Antonio Rose. Griff Smith, National Photographer of Texas and fine slide player, joined in.

Later, the crowd thinned out. There was a loud zydeco band playing in the Starlight Theatre. Chase and I moved to the far end of the porch and he serenaded a small crowd with some quiet tunes.

chase, mark, utter Chase fiddle Gil griff 2 griff janna utter

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