Chinati weekend in Marfa, 2014

Marfa, during the Chinati Weekend art walk, is worth doing- to look at the art and to watch the people looking at the art.

Marfa is artsy on any given day. During the Chinati weekend, Marfa goes all out.

Terlingua/Marfa photographer, Jessica Lutz, had invited us to her opening/exhibit. Walking out of the Paisano after a delightful dinner, we noticed a woman giving away wine and mixed nuts on the sidewalk in front of the gallery there.

She explained that it was Chinati Weekend. I asked a nearby sculptor what that meant. He said, “it’s when people come to Marfa to give money to the Chinati foundation and look at local art.”

I asked him if anybody bought the local art and he said, “I’m hoping. Usually not.”

Jessica and Ka Yoll held their exhibit in an abandoned house. There was art in the ballroom, art in the warehouses, art on the street… everywhere you looked there was another art exhibit, filled with hip-chic people looking at art.

jess 1

Jessica Lutz in front of one of her photos
borders sign

Poster for Jessica and Ka Yoll’s opening
jess and ka yoll

Ka and Jess enjoy a moment while Betsy Blaydes admires a photo 

crowd in jess'_

art talk



multi-media art – projection and sound track
pink art

Somewhere, a large, previously pink, sheep is freezing.
paisano art

Reflection paintings at the Paisano
herbal drinks

Herbal infusion bar? That’s so Marfa.
girl artist

artist in front of one of her pieces.

Crowds of people admiring art displayed in metal storage rooms.
cowboy flying saucer

photoshop art
book in marfa

Terlingua Music photo book at the Paisano gift shop.

Really good band playing outside the gallery.
art on walls

Even more art.

art on walls 2 crowd 3

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