Niko Laven’s CD Release Party at the Boathouse in Terlingua

Niko Laven has been coming to Terlingua with his family/band since he was five years old. I didn’t know him then, but it’s unlikely that he could scorch the earth with a Telecaster or sing with such passion and authority back then.

Last night, the boathouse was packed as Niko celebrated the release of his first CD.

The Lavens- Andreas (dad), Jana (mom), Rachel (sister), and Niko, performed as if they’d been doing it for years. They have.  The harmonies are rich and tight. Andreas and Moses held down the rhythm. Rachel and Niko split the lead vocals, except for a nice interlude where Andreas and Jana took us on a slightly more traditional country ride.

Here’s what it looked like to me.


niko 1

mo jana dance 3 dance 2 niko 2carlton band andreas


3 Replies to “Niko Laven’s CD Release Party at the Boathouse in Terlingua”

  1. Thank you, Pat!! Great to have you and Betsy in the front row. This has been a great week even with the broken bus brakes.

  2. Looking forward to getting my hands on this CD !!! I love the pictures and I am looking forward to a weekend trip with the family to come see you play very soon.

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