Paper Moon Shiners and Daisy O’Connor in Terlingua

Last night was another night of great music in Terlingua. 

At the Starlight Theatre, the Paper Moon Shiners – Elena Antinelli and Frank Meyer – played.

Deeply embedded in the past, the riotously fun, gritty, saucy, sometimes sad, operatic and always soulful Paper Moon Shiners mine time periods that conjure up smoky prohibition speakeasies, dust bowl medicine shows, Mississippi Delta juke joints and Harlem Renaissance night clubs.

Elena owns the songs she sings, whether it’s one of their originals or a vintage classic like Minnie the Moocher. Frank is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, and when he hits the low notes on “Low Yodeler,” people just look at each other and shake their heads. Nobody can hit those notes- and yet, Frank does.

The Paper Moon Shiners are regular visitors to Terlingua, and played to a packed room.



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Later, at the Boathouse, Trevor Reichman played the early show and then Daisy and the Late Bloomers played. There had been a lot of buzz about town and people were curious- so, again, the club was packed.

It was a fun show- great songs, clear vocals, tight harmonies, and solid grooves from the tiniest drum set.

Daisy and her band are the “feel good” crew. You can’t help but smile when they’re around.

The Paper Moonshiners will be at the Starlight Theatre Monday night and Daisy will be at the Starlight Theatre tonight.

The Fabulous Vortexans will be at the Boathouse tonight for the big Hallowe’en party. C’ya there!

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