What’s Going On in Terlingua This Week? 11-11-13

Live music, community events and entertainment news – Terlingua, Texas

Most of this is “cut and pasted” from the Terlingua Moon.

This week at the Starlight: 
Tuesday – Nov 12 – Uh Clem
Wednesday – Nov 13 – Tim Relleva
Thursday – Nov 14 – Trevor Reichman
Friday – Nov 15 – Hillie Bills
Saturday – Nov 16 – The VorTexans
Sunday – Nov 17 – Brunch with Jeff Gavin
Monday – Nov 18 – Burger Night with Ramsay Millwood
Tuesday – Nov 19 – Uh Clem
Wednesday – Nov 20 – The Whitmores

This week at the High Sierra: 
Friday ~ George Goss and The Showgoats ~ 7pm
Saturday~ Dr. Fun ~ 7pm

Farmer’s Market every Sat. 10-2 pm in the Ghostown Community Garden
Sat. Nov. 16th at noon “Composting with a Pro”
Master Composter Carol will be on hand discussing how to build soil and reduce the amount of trash that goes into the landfill,
the third in the monthly series of workshops sponsored by the Garden

Patti Manning from Sul Ross will have native plants for sale this Saturday at the farmers market
Enjoy Music with Jeffro Greasewood
A BIG Garden THANK YOU to all that came out on Sunday for the workday
We raise the wall next Sunday, Nov. 17th at 9 am
On the menu for lunch: Chard Lasagna with Summer Squash and as always Cold Beer
The catchment tanks are FULL and Overflowing!!
Come See What’s Growing!

The book signing for Carlton Leatherwood’s Big Bend People is Saturday, 4 pm, at Espresso y Poco Mas. “It is especially a party for all those in the book,” Carl said. Likely participants in the program are Anna Oakley, Jim Keaveny, Carmen Ganser, Nancy Faubion, Voni Glaves, two very special guests, a dog named Tubo, and a goat named Cisco Kid. Noemi Aviles, manager of Poco Mas, will serve cake and other refreshments. As for the book, an anonymous comment is “I have learned things I didn’t know about people that I have known forever.” And river guide John Parker said, “Every fresh chapter Carl writes is as unique as the people he interviewed.”

Second Third Saturday Flea Market If the parking lot isn’t like chocolate pudding. If it isn’t cold and windy. If it isn’t raining. See ya at the Flea Market at El Centro/H2O 2 Go ?

Looking to connect? Check out “Our Terlingua,” “Terlingua” and “West Texas-Big Bend-Community” on Facebook. Need an errand in Alpine? Check out “Alpine Run.” Want to carpool or need a ride? Check out “Big Bend Rideshare.” Have something to give away, trade or sell? Need or know of work or housing? Check out “Terlingua Exchange” on Facebook and Yahoo. There is also a free box at Delia’s Terlingua Store.  Please consider donating at that location to help others in our community.  The phone number there is 371-2487.

The motion picture Wasteland will be in the area shooting for the next several weeks. On November 20th and 21st, the crew will be shooting scenes at the Perry Mansion which will involve a gun fight. Though the shots may sound real they are in fact known as squibs and are blanks. There is no reason to become alarmed or return fire. It’s all just a bunch of show business make believe.


This Week in Terlingua Music – 10-21-13

Americana Music in Terlingua, Texas

Here’s the live music info we’ve got so far-

Venues and Musicians – send me your info or add as a comment here, and I’ll make sure it gets online.

The BIG news this week is that Alejandro Escovedo is bringing his band to the Amphitheatre at the Lajitas Golf Resort this Saturday night, Oct. 26.  Of course, this being Terlingua, there’s great live music happening pretty much every night.


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Terlingua Music Bash

19th Annual Terlingua Music Bash

For the 19th year in a row, Al Barlow is hosting the Terlingua Music Bash – a gathering of singer/songwriters and music lovers from all over the world.

Check the previous post for dates and times – there’s something going on every day.

One day 2 of the Music Bash, the party was on the porch as the Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment played in the Starlight.

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19th Annual Terlingua Music Bash

Musicians from all over the country will gather at Gareth Park, across Hwy 170 from the Terlingua Ghost Town.  There will be camping and song-swapping around campfires.

Here’s the event schedule-

Fri. & Sat. Oct. 11 th & 12 th, Greg Geyson 7 pm @ High Sierra

Sun. Oct. 13 th Pat O’Bryan’s 2 nd Sunday Benefit Bash for “Catfish Calloway” .2 pm @ High Sierra, Come Play With Greg Greyson & Terlinqua Musicians

Tues. Oct. 15 th 6pm Pablo Menudo’s House Dinner

Weds. Oct.16th Open Mic at LaKiva hosted by Al Barlow

Thurs. Oct.17 th 8 am Rio Grande Music Jam Float. For info. Call BBRT @ 432-371-3033 to make your reservation. Go to Jana Laven’s event page on Facebook for details.
Thurs. Oct. 17th, Dr. Fun on the Patio @ High Sierra 4 pm-?
Thurs. Oct. 17 th Longdraw Pizza 6pm
Thurs. Oct 17 th Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment @ 7:30 pm Starlight Theater

Fri. Oct.18 th Open Mic 7-10 pm Starlight Theater, Hosted by Claude Butch Morgan
Fri. Oct. 18 th 5-8 pm. High Sierra Songwriter Showcase Featuring, The Whipples! John Scholten! Rachel Laven! Billy Snipes! Cary Windham! Lisa Byrn! Jenni Mansfield Peal! Al Barlow!

Sat Oct 19th The VorTexans – Terlingua blues band – at the Starlight Theatre
Sat. Oct 19 th Afternoon Open Mic @ The Whitmore’s!
Sat. Oct. 19 th, Kickoff Wig Parade 6 pm leaving Gareth Park through Ghosttown ending at High Sierra hosted by Al Barlow
Sat. Oct.19 th Best Wig Contest and Micheal O’Connor @ LaKiva
Sat. Oct. 19 th Dr. Fun @ 7 pm High Sierra

Sun. Oct. 20 th Gospel Brunch Memorial in Celebration of Phil Stevens 10:30 am @ The Easter
Sun. Oct. 20 th Trevor Reichman 2-5 pm @ High Sierra
Sun. Oct. 20 th Open Mic
Sun. Oct. 20 th, The Whipples 7 pm @ The Starlight Theater

Mon. Oct. 21 st. Claude Butch Morgan@ Starlight Theater 6-9

Benefit for the Terlingua Community Garden

Last Sunday, 9/8/13, there was a FREE benefit concert for the Terlingua Ghost Town Community Garden at the High Sierra Bar and Grill.

There was a lot going on in town this Sunday.  A lot of the musicians who normally play were busy being movie stars.  There was a football game.

The High Sierra was absolutely packed- standing room only- by 5:00.  By 8:00 the benefit was pretty much over.

New!  The Alpine Daily Planet has an article about the benefit.  Click HERE to read it.

The music was stellar, the auction rocked, and the community came together again to support a good cause.  Shannon and Zoe were delighted with the over $500 that was raised.

Then, Monday, Nick found a tip jar that was overlooked that had some more money – by the time it was all counted, over $700 went to the Community Garden.

If you missed it and you want to donate now, click on the PayPal button below:

Don’t steal the posters until AFTER the benefit, please.

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Art and Music Benefit Concert – Starlight – Sunday – 8/25/13

Terlingua, Texas musicians and community to the rescue!

terlingua americana music to the rescue
Musicians for the arts.

*** Want to donate to the Terlingua Arts and Music departments?  Click the paypal “donate” button – all proceeds will go to the Art and Music Departments at the Terlingua School. ***

When I found out that the music and art teachers in Terlingua were buying music and art supplies for their students out of their meagre paychecks, I found myself channeling the Big Lebowski:  “This will not stand!”

As I shared this information with others in the community, the response was pretty much the same.

Rather than focus on why this situation exists, we just fixed it by funding the art and music departments.

On Sunday, August 25th, local artists, musicians and community members gathered at the Starlight Theatre in the Terlingua Ghost Town to raise money for the Terlingua School music and art programs.

We passed the tip jar around, there were silent- and loud- auctions, some people donated by using the above PayPal button – and by the end of the night we had raised over $800.  That will buy a lot of paint, reeds, etc.

The Starlight donated beer and food for the musicians and gave us a great, historic venue for the benefit – thanks Buckner, Sonny, Diego, Kathy and all the rest of the gang at the Starlight!

Many local artists and authors donated their work for the auction, and the bidding was fierce.  All proceeds go to the kids.

Herman and Deanna (High Sierra Bar and Grill) donated a case of beer for the auction.  Ed won.

The musicians donated their time and talent.  We are lucky to live in a community that is so rich in brilliant and giving performers and artists.  Each act played a short set and still the music went on for over six hours.


This little guy was dancing to the music on the dance floor. Carmen rescued it before it got boot-scooted, and it ended up outside- where it belongs. Staff photo: Betsy Blaydes
Pablo Menudo sang his tales of aliens and walking catfish.
Laird Considine performed with Ted Arbogast on guitar and Trevor Hickle on bass.
Jeff Haislip gave his usual brilliant best.
Jeff Gavin whupped out a set of gorgeous original songs.
Billy Lord http://BillyLordMusic.com closed out the show – Moses Martinez on drums, Nick Cooper on bass, Joshua on banjo, me on guitar. Staff photo- Betsy Blaydes
Greg Grymes performed songs from his new CD – Nick on bass, Anna Oakley on fiddle, Moses on harmonica.
Dancing to the Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment band. Staff photo- Betsy Blaydes.
The Aliens got the room moving.
The Starlight Theatre.
Miss Collie Ryan – a local legend.
Carlos Maxwell, with Ted and Laird Considine. Between ’em, I think these guys have over 75 years residency in the Big Bend.
Billy Lord – was driving through the Big Bend on a motorcycle with his guitar on his back.
Deanna and Herman from the High Sierra donated a case of beer for the auction – Thomas was the auctioneer, Ronda displayed the wares.
More dancing ensued.
Alex and Marti Whitmore gave a very professional performance.


Flying Shoes…

Wherein Terlingua, Texas Americana Music and the local community pitch in to buy track shoes for the track team…


It all started at the outside bar at the High Sierra a month ago.  Aaron, the track coach, and few other late nighters were relaxing after the Legendary Jam in July and Coach said, “I’ve got some runners who can make it to State this year- if only they could afford shoes.”

Fade forward – 11.45 last night, Aaron was sitting in the back of the room with a big grin on his face while Moses, Clayton and some late-night drinkers sang some canciones en Espanol.  Brandi and I were talking at the next table, and Aaron walked over, patting the fat envelope of cash in his pocket:  “we’ve got enough money here to buy shoes for both teams, as well as some team shirts and bags!” Continue reading “Flying Shoes…”

Legendary Jam – This Sunday 8/11 – High Sierra

Terlingua, Texas Americana Music to the rescue!


Terlingua musicians will once again gather to raise money for a good cause.  This time, it’s at the High Sierra on Sunday, 8/11/13, from 2 until we’re through.

Expect the usual suspects – we never know who’s going to play, but Greg, Anna, Jim, Jeff and them are back from Santa Fe where Greg cut his new CD.

This time, our charity is the Terlingua Track team.  Aaron thinks he’s got some runners who can go to State – but they can’t afford track shoes.

That ain’t right.

So, we’re gonna play some great music and pass the hat so the kids can have shoes.

c’ya there!

Jerry Garcia’s Birthday at the Starlight with Butch Hancock

Although Terlingua tends to be a haven for singer/songwriters in the Texas Americana tradition, it’s not surprising that there’s a strong Grateful Dead influence here, too.


Last night we celebrated Jerry Garcia’s birthday at the starlight with music, dancing, good food and beer.  And maybe some other stuff…

Uh Clem gathered the initial band- Laird Considine on bass, me on guitar.  Mark Lewis heard the music from the porch and joined us on mandolin.

Later on, Butch and Rory Hancock came in for dinner.  Soon, Butch was singing and playing Uh’s guitar, Rory had my strat, Mike and Moses were playing drums, and I was on bass.


americana music in terlingua
The band- Rory, Mark, Butch, me and Mike.

In New York, LA or Austin this would have been a sold-out show with high-dollar tickets.  Butch is an amazing singer/songwriter and the band was top-notch.

Here in Terlingua, it was a free show. Continue reading “Jerry Garcia’s Birthday at the Starlight with Butch Hancock”