Terlingua off-season

During the Thanksgiving holidays the Terlingua Ghost Town was packed. Tourists from all over the world came to enjoy Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and Terlingua. There was a two hour wait to get into the Starlight Theatre. A line at the bathrooms. Traffic on the roads and lots of new faces on the porch.

Then, the holidays ended and the tourists returned to their points of origin, leaving just Terlinguists in Terlingua.

We appreciate the visitors, and the economy wouldn’t work without them- but, it’s also nice when it’s just locals. Last night, Laird Considine played the Starlight Theatre with Chase Peeler on Sax and Taylor Luttrell on fiddle.  Dancing ensued.

At the Boathouse, James and Don were serving up delicious burgers as the locals gathered outside to watch the sunset. In the back, there was a cut-throat competitive scrabble game going on.

I didn’t make it down to the High Sierra and La Kiva is still under construction, but as I drove the 30 miles home- passing two cars on the way – I reflected on the fact that we’ve built a pretty nice little world down here.

band 1

band 2 band 3 dance 2 dance moon over boathouse scrabble sunset 2 sunset ghost town sunset

4 Replies to “Terlingua off-season”

    1. Ralph,

      some dweebs from out of town came to our neighborhood… one is dead, the other three are in jail.

      we’re back to perfect, now.

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