Viva Terlingua Music Festival 2015 – Day 1

Day 1 at the Viva Terlingua Music Festival this year was pretty amazing.  There was live music all night long at the Starlight Theatre, the Boathouse, and La Kiva.

It was the first time La Kiva has been open in a long time.

All the performers were great, but the closing act at La Kiva was historic.  Butch and Rory Hancock were joined by Bob Livingston and Bradley Kopp. Butch played and sang his amazing songs, Bob played bass and sang harmony, and Rory and Brad laid down some blistering guitar.

It was great to see La Kiva alive again. I sat back with a glass of wine and watched the people dancing to Butch and the band.

Here are some quick and dirty pics – I’ll have time to properly edit ’em after the festival over.

Tonight is shaping up to be another great night of music.  Among the highlights are Bob Livingston and Bradley Kopp at the Boathouse- there will be some “special guests.”

The Dead Pyrate Society is going to be at the Starlight- I’m really looking forward to seeing what John Staehely is up to- he used to be in Spirit and JoJo Gunn.

The Dill Hickles and Breaking Light are two of the acts I definitely intend to catch at La Kiva.

I’ll post more pics tomorrow- enjoy!

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