“Will play for food – for others.” Terlingua Musicians Rock!


Terlingua musicians rock in many ways- musically, compositionally, harmonically, personally.

Yesterday, they rocked compassionately as Jeffro Greasewood handed Mike Drinkard a check for $1,200.

Jeffro hands Mike the check.
Jeffro hands Mike the check.

Jeffro runs the open mic at the Boathouse on Wednesdays.  Anybody who runs an open mic knows this one:  you might run 30 musicians across that stage- who gets the tips?

Jeffro’s solution was to pool the tips and donate them to the Big Bend Crisis Center’s Food Distribution program- the local food bank.  The open-mic participants agreed that this was a grand idea.  The food bank is a popular charity for local musicians- in our small community in some months 240 households get food assistance.  The majority of the recipients are either children or the elderly.

That $1,200 check will completely fund the food distribution program for 2-4 months.

Congratulations and a big round of applause to Jeffro, Jeff Haislip, Charlotte Teer, Jim Keaveny, Anna Oakley, Alex and Marti Whitmore, Emy, Bryn Moore, Hank Woji, Mark Lewis, Chase Peeler, Shannon Carter, Laird Considine, Trevor Hickle, Trevor Reichman, Webster Delcambre, Jana Laven, and the rest of the open mic gang, and a deep bow of gratitude to the Don and the Boathouse for supporting local music and musicians.


Jeffro Greasewood (with Jeff Haislip)
Jeffro Greasewood (with Jeff Haislip)
Mike Drinkard, director, Family Crisis Center
Mike Drinkard, director, Family Crisis Center


4 Replies to ““Will play for food – for others.” Terlingua Musicians Rock!”

  1. Wonderful cause and great opportunity for musicians to contribute. Thanks for reporting and kudos to Jeffro for the inspiration. (Genius: it gets one over that “I don’t pay to play” hump. Everybody contributes, so why not money.)

  2. Great Pat. Wish I could have been there. Hopefully Lajitas is still doing it’s part for the food bank?

    1. No. When the manager took over last September, they stopped supporting the community in any way. No more payments to the food bank. No more concerts, gatherings, etc.

      Relations between Lajitas and its neighbors are the worst I’ve ever seen them, and until they get rid of the hostile management company, it’s going to stay that way.

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