Buster Jiggs and the Fabulous Vortexans at Lajitas – Free Show!

Free Outdoor Concert in Lajitas!




March 1st…  Cheap beer and BBQ.  Beautiful outdoor Amphitheatre.    Did I mention that it’s a FREE show?

The Vortexans will go on around 6 PM.  Buster Jiggs will follow.

If you haven’t seen them before, check out the video below. They’re real good.

And… you know the Fabulous Vortexans. Come out early to support the home team!

One Reply to “Buster Jiggs and the Fabulous Vortexans at Lajitas – Free Show!”

  1. Thanks for the invite Pat.
    I will certainly be there, Id hate to miss out on hearing you guys play.
    Im darn sure if anyone misses this event they will be sorry. LOL
    You guys always put on a great show and the music is what it’s all about for me bub.
    Love you guys.

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