Remembering Pete Seeger at Marfa Public Radio

Local musicians hold a hootenanny at Marfa Public Radio for Pete Seeger.

It was a last-minute call that went out through Jalapeño Schwartz’s Facebook page – local musicians gather at Marfa Public Radio station tonight at 6:30 for an on-air tribute to Pete Seeger.  J.P. “Jalapeño” Schwartz, also known as “Doc Cactus,” (although, really, shouldn’t it be Dr. Pepper?) hosts the blues show, play harmonica and keyboards in local bands, and is a country doctor.

Trevor Reichmann was there, virtually.  He recorded “We Shall Overcome” in his home/dome studio and sent it through the inter-webs to the radio station.

Only a few musicians braved the sub-freezing temperature – Maria Moss, Doc, Beth, and me.  J.P.  printed out the lyrics for a few Pete Seeger songs and we quickly rehearsed in the lobby.

It was a ragged, soulful sing-along… I do hope the people listening at home joined in.

(photos by Betsy Blaydes)

Maria – with her banjo-tar – and Beth 

Performing live at Marfa Public Radio
Maria Moss
J.P. and Maria singing for Pete

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One Reply to “Remembering Pete Seeger at Marfa Public Radio”

  1. The photo’s are great Betsy.
    I would like to thank you for this email and the photo’s.
    Looks like a great time with doc and Maria, she is awesome.
    Thank you for including me in your doings Pat.
    As always Love you both and Many blessings.

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