The Concert for Noemi – Sunday, 1/5/14

The Concert for Noemi – Starlight Theatre Sunday, 1/5/14. 

The Terlingua community rallied for Noemi.

It was a night of celebration, dancing, auctioneering, music and love – and Teringua raised over $2,000 for Noemi and her family.

Mike Davidson was our Master of Ceremonies.  He pointed out that the U.S. border policies amount to an ethnic cleansing program.  I think he’s right- you don’t see the same tactics used against Mexicans on the Southern border used against Canadians on the Northern border.

Those policies – especially as implemented since the border closings following 9/11 – have had the (hopefully) unintended consequences of tearing families apart and creating a criminal class out of formerly good citizens.

This was brought home to us in a very personal way as we watched the tragedy of Noemi’s family threatened with massive legal fees and the possibility of having to leave Terlingua and move to Mexico.  It may be the law, but it is not right.

So, the community gathered.  Musicians (Los Pinche Gringos, Collie Ryan, Jeff Haislip, Alex Whitmore, Laird Considine, Charlotte Teer-mumbledehum, Chase Peeler, Jon Hogan, Maria Moss, and others) donated their talents and songs).  Auction items (paintings, photographs, cakes, tequila servings, a kiss, gift certificates for massages and hotel rooms, and more) were given and auctioned off.

The Starlight Theatre let us have the benefit concert in their gorgeous facility and at the end of the night Lisa Ivey made a significant contribution.

Noemi was there with her children, and they danced and celebrated with us.

The concert was produced by TerlinguaCares, a 501 c 3 non-profit organization based in Terlingua.  After all the money has been received and accounted for, TerlinguaCares will disburse 100% of all the money raised to Noemi.

Once again, I am proud to be part of a community with a big heart that takes care of its own.  Thank you, Terlingua.

UPDATE:  You can still donate to Noemi.  We’re still working on the PayPal thing.  In the meantime, you can send contributions to TerlinguaCares, c/o Pat O’Bryan, P.O. Box 316, Terlingua, Texas  79852


Silent Auction

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Live music in Terlingua – Christmas week, 2013

This week in Terlingua – Christmas Week, 2013

There is an alarming quantity of very high quality live music going on in the Big Bend this xmas season.   I’m personally delighted to see Slim Richey will be in town.  Butch Hancock will join a very talented group of performers for the Townes Van Zant Memorial concert. There’s something cool going on pretty much every night – get out and support live Terlingua Music!

Check out the listings below –

Starlight Theatre

Monday – Dec 23 – Burger Night with Dr. Fun
Tuesday – Dec 24 – Uh Clem
Wednesday – Dec 25 – Christmas with The Whitmores
Thursday – Dec 26 – Trevor Reichman & Emilie Clepper
Friday – Dec 27 – Paper Moon Shiners
Saturday – Dec 28 – Hogan & Moss
Sunday – Dec 29 – Trevor Reichman 5pm-8pm
                                  Ghosts Along the Brazos 8:30pm
Monday – Dec 30 – Slim Richey & The Jitterbug Vipers
Tuesday – Dec 31 – Uh Clem 6pm-8pm
New Years Eve with Radio La Chuzma 9pm
Wednesday – Jan 1 – Townes Van Zandt Memorial
Thursday – Jan 2 – The Desert Blossom Pearls 9pm
                                     Tim Beck & Friends 10pm


SAT~JASON BLUM 6pm-till?
Sunday is the Hangover Jam, everyone welcome to come play

La Kiva

Wednesday – Open Mic  (are we really doing open mic on xmas night?)
12/28/13  The Lavens!
New Year’s Eve – The Fabulous Vortexans – Texas Blues

Live music in the Thirsty Goat Saloon

December 23rd – Trevor Hickle
December 24th & 25th – Jason Blum
December 26th – The Whitmores
December 27th & 28th – Slim Richey and the Jitterbug Vipers
December 29th – Jon Hogan and Maria Moss
December 30th – Jason Blum
December 31st – Slim Richey and the Jitterbug Vipers
January 1st – Jason Blum

Mark “EYEBALL” Kneeskern at the Starlight Theatre

Tonight, after playing tub bass with Jeff Gavin at the High Sierra, local author and entertainer – and world-class hitchhiker, Mark Kneeskern, performed some scenes from his book, “THE LAST AMERICAN HITCH-HIKER” 



Right now, Mark is offering free shipping when you order one of his books.  I’ve got one.  It’s a good, bouncy read.  From his web page: Continue reading “Mark “EYEBALL” Kneeskern at the Starlight Theatre”

Benefit for the Terlingua Community Garden

Last Sunday, 9/8/13, there was a FREE benefit concert for the Terlingua Ghost Town Community Garden at the High Sierra Bar and Grill.

There was a lot going on in town this Sunday.  A lot of the musicians who normally play were busy being movie stars.  There was a football game.

The High Sierra was absolutely packed- standing room only- by 5:00.  By 8:00 the benefit was pretty much over.

New!  The Alpine Daily Planet has an article about the benefit.  Click HERE to read it.

The music was stellar, the auction rocked, and the community came together again to support a good cause.  Shannon and Zoe were delighted with the over $500 that was raised.

Then, Monday, Nick found a tip jar that was overlooked that had some more money – by the time it was all counted, over $700 went to the Community Garden.

If you missed it and you want to donate now, click on the PayPal button below:

Don’t steal the posters until AFTER the benefit, please.

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Day-trip – Boquillas Mexico

You can’t really understand Terlingua, or Terlingua Americana Music, without coming to grips with the other side of the border- and the nearest border crossing is at Boquillas, Mexico.  Unfortunately, for the past 11 years, that’s been hard to do because the border has been closed.

Recently, a new border crossing to Boquillas, Mexico was opened in the Big Bend National Park.  I made this crossing in the 70’s, and don’t remember much about it… but, I do remember that the process was informal.  You just drove to the crossing, took the little boat across the river, trekked up the hill, and bought cheap tacos and beer.

Falcons restaurant
Lilia and Bernardo – Falcon’s restaurant – Boquillas, MX.

Now, getting to Boquillas is a little more complicated.  After driving an hour and a quarter from Study Butte through the park, you first go to the store at Rio Grande Village, where you buy your tickets for the boat- $5/per person.

Then, a short drive to the Boquillas crossing, a $2,000,000+ Homeland Security compound (my buddy Lance, who builds things, figures he could’a built it for $100,000… where does the money go?) where you show your passport and receive official permission to cross the border.

The crossing closes at 6:00 PM.  I talked to the guard who told me the rules:  “no mercy, no quarter.”  If you haven’t been fully processed back into the U.S. by 6:00, you have to stay in Mexico.  “Back at ya,” was my unspoken reply. Continue reading “Day-trip – Boquillas Mexico”

Art and Music Benefit Concert – Starlight – Sunday – 8/25/13

Terlingua, Texas musicians and community to the rescue!

terlingua americana music to the rescue
Musicians for the arts.

*** Want to donate to the Terlingua Arts and Music departments?  Click the paypal “donate” button – all proceeds will go to the Art and Music Departments at the Terlingua School. ***

When I found out that the music and art teachers in Terlingua were buying music and art supplies for their students out of their meagre paychecks, I found myself channeling the Big Lebowski:  “This will not stand!”

As I shared this information with others in the community, the response was pretty much the same.

Rather than focus on why this situation exists, we just fixed it by funding the art and music departments.

On Sunday, August 25th, local artists, musicians and community members gathered at the Starlight Theatre in the Terlingua Ghost Town to raise money for the Terlingua School music and art programs.

We passed the tip jar around, there were silent- and loud- auctions, some people donated by using the above PayPal button – and by the end of the night we had raised over $800.  That will buy a lot of paint, reeds, etc.

The Starlight donated beer and food for the musicians and gave us a great, historic venue for the benefit – thanks Buckner, Sonny, Diego, Kathy and all the rest of the gang at the Starlight!

Many local artists and authors donated their work for the auction, and the bidding was fierce.  All proceeds go to the kids.

Herman and Deanna (High Sierra Bar and Grill) donated a case of beer for the auction.  Ed won.

The musicians donated their time and talent.  We are lucky to live in a community that is so rich in brilliant and giving performers and artists.  Each act played a short set and still the music went on for over six hours.


This little guy was dancing to the music on the dance floor. Carmen rescued it before it got boot-scooted, and it ended up outside- where it belongs. Staff photo: Betsy Blaydes
Pablo Menudo sang his tales of aliens and walking catfish.
Laird Considine performed with Ted Arbogast on guitar and Trevor Hickle on bass.
Jeff Haislip gave his usual brilliant best.
Jeff Gavin whupped out a set of gorgeous original songs.
Billy Lord closed out the show – Moses Martinez on drums, Nick Cooper on bass, Joshua on banjo, me on guitar. Staff photo- Betsy Blaydes
Greg Grymes performed songs from his new CD – Nick on bass, Anna Oakley on fiddle, Moses on harmonica.
Dancing to the Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment band. Staff photo- Betsy Blaydes.
The Aliens got the room moving.
The Starlight Theatre.
Miss Collie Ryan – a local legend.
Carlos Maxwell, with Ted and Laird Considine. Between ’em, I think these guys have over 75 years residency in the Big Bend.
Billy Lord – was driving through the Big Bend on a motorcycle with his guitar on his back.
Deanna and Herman from the High Sierra donated a case of beer for the auction – Thomas was the auctioneer, Ronda displayed the wares.
More dancing ensued.
Alex and Marti Whitmore gave a very professional performance.


Legendary Jam – This Sunday 8/11 – High Sierra

Terlingua, Texas Americana Music to the rescue!


Terlingua musicians will once again gather to raise money for a good cause.  This time, it’s at the High Sierra on Sunday, 8/11/13, from 2 until we’re through.

Expect the usual suspects – we never know who’s going to play, but Greg, Anna, Jim, Jeff and them are back from Santa Fe where Greg cut his new CD.

This time, our charity is the Terlingua Track team.  Aaron thinks he’s got some runners who can go to State – but they can’t afford track shoes.

That ain’t right.

So, we’re gonna play some great music and pass the hat so the kids can have shoes.

c’ya there!


The Terlingua Music Concert Series is going through some changes.  It’s a good thing.

First – there will be no Legiondary Jam at the American Legion in July.  The legion is going through some changes, too, and a lot of our favorite musicians will be in Santa Fe then, cheering Greg Grymes on as he makes his new CD.

August will be all about the Terlingua School.

After the “Second Sunday” jam at the high sierra, I was talking to the track coach.  He said, “I’ve got a group that I think can take State this year- if only we could afford track shoes.”

So, the second Sunday in August we’re having a “Second Sunday” jam at the High Sierra Bar and Grill in Terlingua.  We’re going to raise enough money to buy the team shoes.

Later in the month- similar deal.  The local art and music teachers have been buying supplies for their students out of their paychecks – and they’re about the lowest paid teachers in the State of Texas.  I’m not going to talk about the lack of support for Art, Music, and education in general in Texas except to say that it would be nice to vote in some representatives who have the kids best interest at heart.

What we’re going to do is fund those programs ourselves.  I’ll announce the details as soon as I’ve confirmed the date and location.

Marfa – the grand tour. Playboy Bunny, Food Shark, El Cosmico, Padre’s.

Living in Terlingua, Texas opens up a universe of possibilities. All you have to do is adjust your concept of “neighborhood,” and you have access to a variety of fascinating experiences.

Living at Terlingua Ranch is one experience. Isolation. Off the grid. Technicolor sunsets. Wild, unpredictable weather.

Terlingua Ghost Town is a whole ‘nother experience. Great food, music on the porch and in the bars, and some very eccentric characters to hang out with.

Last weekend, LaRoja and I spent the weekend in Lajitas visiting with Trevor Hickle and his family. Lajitas is a resort, so we luxuriated in the pool, had dinner delivered to Trevor’s place, did some pickin’, and ended up in a very nice suite.

This weekend, we joined Jalapeno Schwartz for a grand tour of Marfa.

JP (Jalapeno) Schwart riding the airwaves.
JP (Jalapeno) Schwart riding the airwaves.

JP (Jalapeno) Schwartz is a country doctor, volunteer public radio DJ, and local celebrity.  He and LaRoja have known each other since they were in college.

Initially, I didn’t “get” Marfa.  After hanging with JP all day and being introduced to the city by an insider, I totally get it.  It’s definitely the cultural center of this part of Texas.  You meet lots of people whose other home is a high-rise apartment in New York or whose other store is on Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills. Continue reading “Marfa – the grand tour. Playboy Bunny, Food Shark, El Cosmico, Padre’s.”