Terlingua Halloween 2015

Halloween in Terlingua. For about 15 years, the big party was at La Kiva. Gumby behind the bar, Trevor Hickle and band on the stage, and locals in amazing costumes dancing.

Some things change, some things stay the same.

This year, the big party was at the Boathouse. Gumby behind the bar, Trevor Hickle and band on stage, and a packed house of locals in amazing costumes.

The Fabulous Vortexans played the blues and jam-rock, Gumby and Laura served the beer, James cooked dinner and played drums- but it was the vampires, skeletons, and zombies of Terlingua who provided the entertainment.

Betsy grabbed the camera and took the pictures.

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Paper Moon Shiners and Daisy O’Connor in Terlingua

Last night was another night of great music in Terlingua. 

At the Starlight Theatre, the Paper Moon Shiners – Elena Antinelli and Frank Meyer – played.

Deeply embedded in the past, the riotously fun, gritty, saucy, sometimes sad, operatic and always soulful Paper Moon Shiners mine time periods that conjure up smoky prohibition speakeasies, dust bowl medicine shows, Mississippi Delta juke joints and Harlem Renaissance night clubs.

Elena owns the songs she sings, whether it’s one of their originals or a vintage classic like Minnie the Moocher. Frank is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, and when he hits the low notes on “Low Yodeler,” people just look at each other and shake their heads. Nobody can hit those notes- and yet, Frank does.

The Paper Moon Shiners are regular visitors to Terlingua, and played to a packed room.



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Jackie Myers Band at the Starlight Theatre

Last night, the Jackie Myers band played a jazzy set at the Starlight. I found it to be a delightful change of pace. We’re rich in “poets with acoustic guitars,” but jazzy trios with hot, tasty licks are pretty thin on the ground.

The set was tight and well rehearsed, with jazzy keyboards, strong vocals, and an excellent rhythm section. Think: Diana Krall with a rocking bass and drums.

Over breakfast this morning at La Posada Milagro, I talked to the band- their next stop is Abilene, then on to New Mexico. Like many Austin musicians, they all play in several bands and although they’re based in Austin spend most of their time on the road.

They’ll be back in March. I’ll be there.

Tonight, the Paper Moon Shiners will be at the Starlight and Daisy O’Conner and the Late Bloomers are at the Boathouse.

Saturday night- Hallowe’en – The Fabulous Vortexans will be at the Boathouse for the big party.

Jackie Myers
Jackie Myers

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Terlingua Music Bash 2015

The “Barlow Fest” – Terlingua Music Bash, 2015, was the 21st (?) annual celebration of Texas Americana Music held here.

There was music everywhere: The Boathouse, The Starlight Theatre, on the porch, in the desert at Gareth Park, at La Kiva…

I’ve known Al for over 20 years… at one point I commented, “back in the day when I’d go to open mics, it seemed like everybody was my age. Now, all these years later, when I go to open mics it seems like everybody’s my age.

Terlingua has pretty much recovered from the onslaught of pickers- the Barlow Fest is the first event of our season, to be quickly followed by two chili cook-offs, the “Ride for Trails” biking convention, and, basically, the Fall tourist season. Continue reading “Terlingua Music Bash 2015”

Trevor Hickle CD Release Party!

Last night there was a huge party to celebrate the release of Trevor Hickle’s “Desert Road” CD at the Starlight Theatre.

From my point of view, it was a valedictory moment- I produced, recorded and played on that CD along with Trevor and Chase Peeler, and we’ve been working on it for over a year.

To hear it blasting from the PA system in the Starlight and then to actually perform it for an appreciative crowd was… delightful.

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Ambient music, modern dance, and cowboys.

portable recording studio

There was something new and different at the Starlight Theatre last night.

Paul Sprawl and his wife Leralee Whittle are building an artist residency retreat here in Terlingua. They plan to have housing, performance space and audio/video recording facilities.

They’re still building, but their first “resident” was Ted Killian, a composer from Oregon. Ted plays guitar- actually, Ted uses a guitar as a source sound and manipulates that sound through walls of technology.

Last night, Ted and Paul improvised over two hours of very cool ambient music. Paul played Moog synthesizer, guitar, and sang. Ted played his guitar rig and a Daxaphone. Leralee set up a dance space and danced/performed while Ted and Paul played. Continue reading “Ambient music, modern dance, and cowboys.”

Viva Terlingua Music Festival Day 3 – Saturday night!

Saturday night at the Viva Terlingua Festival- rocked. My only regret was that I couldn’t be in all 3 venues at the same time. I missed some great music- and some great photos- while I was hearing great music and taking photos.

At the Boathouse, JW Louis, Matt Harlan, Patrick Green, and the Rock Bottom String Band played- a night of excellent songwriting and crowd-pleasing bluegrass.

At La Kiva, Bruce Salmon opened the show, Tahoma (with the new guitar player- even better than last year) played, followed by Penny Jo Pullus. The 7-piece John Bush Band closed the show.

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Viva Terlingua Music Festival 2015 Day 2

Friday night at the Viva Terlingua Music Festival was another historic night- So much good music.

At La Kiva, Trevor Hickle previewed songs from his soon to be released CD, and then was joined by his dad, Danny, for some serious (seriously) outlaw country music.

Aaron Todd played an elegant set of classical and flamenco (flamingo?) music. Breaking Light played a stunning set of psychedelic instrumentals.

At the Starlight Theatre, Ashley Monical added a glaze of class with her songs. The Lavens rocked the house, and the Dead Pyrate Society played unapologetic rock and roll.

The boathouse had Texas acoustic music- Mark Allan Atwood, Claude Butch Morgan, Ken Gaines… they all played timeless “poets with acoustic guitars” music. We could have been at Sand Mountain or Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant circa 1972… Continue reading “Viva Terlingua Music Festival 2015 Day 2”