Viva Terlingua Music Festival Day 3 – Saturday night!

Saturday night at the Viva Terlingua Festival- rocked. My only regret was that I couldn’t be in all 3 venues at the same time. I missed some great music- and some great photos- while I was hearing great music and taking photos.

At the Boathouse, JW Louis, Matt Harlan, Patrick Green, and the Rock Bottom String Band played- a night of excellent songwriting and crowd-pleasing bluegrass.

At La Kiva, Bruce Salmon opened the show, Tahoma (with the new guitar player- even better than last year) played, followed by Penny Jo Pullus. The 7-piece John Bush Band closed the show.

The rock walls of La Kiva were vibrating with excellent music and the penisuarus erectus looked happy.

At the Starlight, Jalapeno Schwartz, Tim York, and Michael Hawthorne laid down some timeless folk music.  Then Paul Sprawl and Leralee Whittle did that thing they do- you’ll have to check their videos out on YouTube, I can’t really describe it- but, the crowd loved it.

Then Joe King Carrasco and his band closed out the night- the pictures tell the story.



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