Viva Terlingua Music Festival 2015 Day 2

Friday night at the Viva Terlingua Music Festival was another historic night- So much good music.

At La Kiva, Trevor Hickle previewed songs from his soon to be released CD, and then was joined by his dad, Danny, for some serious (seriously) outlaw country music.

Aaron Todd played an elegant set of classical and flamenco (flamingo?) music. Breaking Light played a stunning set of psychedelic instrumentals.

At the Starlight Theatre, Ashley Monical added a glaze of class with her songs. The Lavens rocked the house, and the Dead Pyrate Society played unapologetic rock and roll.

The boathouse had Texas acoustic music- Mark Allan Atwood, Claude Butch Morgan, Ken Gaines… they all played timeless “poets with acoustic guitars” music. We could have been at Sand Mountain or Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant circa 1972…

Then, speaking of timeless, Bob Livingston (with Brad Kopp on guitar) played his songs and songs from his career with Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Murphy, and other Texas Music legends.

By the end of the night, the crowd was up and dancing- and singing along- as Butch and Rory Hancock, Marina Rocks, Claude Butch Morgan, Ashley Monical, and Moses Martinez all joined the band.

Tonight is another night of amazing music- here’s the schedule:

The Boathouse

10:30 Rock Bottom String Band
9:00 Matt Harlan
7:30 Patrick Green
6:00 JW Louis

Starlight Theatre

10:00 Joe King Carrasco
8:00 – 9:15 Paul Sprawl
7:00 Tim York & Michael Hawthorne
6:00 Jalapeno Schwartz

La Kiva

9:00 John Bush Band
8:00 Penny Jo Pullus Band
7:00 Tahoma
6:00 Bruce Salmon

Here are some “quick and dirty” edits from last night- enjoy!


aaron 1 aaron 2 ashley 2 Ashley Bob bob band 1 bob butch brad bob butch bob 2 butch brad butch rory butch4 butch5 chet 1 chet 2 crowd 3 crowd 4 crowd bob 2 crowd bob 3 dancers danny sierra danny_ dunno 2 dunno harp trio hickles 1 hickles 2 jeff bob john 1 john brad ken lavens marina bob 1 marina bob 2 mark 1 mark 2 mo butch bob brad mo butch bob pyrates 1 pyrates 2 rachel rory crowd 2 rory crowd 3 rory crowd sha bob trevor

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  1. Gawd, Pat. Every time I think you can’t possibly get better photos you do – not just better but exponentially better. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!

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