GoatStock 2014 – party for the candidates.

GoatStock 2014 was a chance to hear speeches and meet the candidates to replace the beer-drinking goat mayor of Lajitas.

There are 4 candidates running for mayor- a goat, a mule, and two guys who kinda look like goats.  Or rejects from a ZZ Top cover band.

On May 10, 2014, at GoatStock in Lajitas, Texas, we got to meet them and hear their campaign speeches.

The goat, Claymore Henry, is the favorite. He’s a direct descendent of Clay Henry, who was the original beer-drinking goat mayor. His speech was short and direct. He spent most of his allotted time trying to eat the banner on the front of the stage.

Claymore Henry - beer drinking mayor of lajitas

Claymore Henry

Pancho the mule is running a strong campaign.  He’s firm and resolute and required quite a bit of coaxing to hop up on the stage and give his talk.

Pancho the mule - lajitas mayor election

Pancho the mule

George Goss, whose slogan is “Respect the goat, give George your vote,” promised free beer if he’s elected mayor. George gave a rousing speech and promised changes in Lajitas.

Lajitas mayor race - George Goss

George Goss

Tate Treybig is running on the “Three C’s,”  Corrupt, Crooked and Convenient. Although Tate is running an old fashioned “Texas Politics” campaign that would make Rick Perry proud, his speech tugged at the crowd’s heart strings.  

Tate Treybig - mayor of lajitas

Tate Treybig

He told the story of how his momma calls him every day and asks, “are you mayor yet?” It seems Tate has never done anything in his long and colorful life that his mother approved of. She does approve of him holding political office. “Don’t make me call my momma and tell her I didn’t get to be mayor,” he said.  “It might break her heart.”

In addition to the speeches, Lajitas Golf Resort hosted a fine party with live music, a huge water slide, and barbacoa. The crowd gathered in the shade of the lone tree near the goat pen and listened while musicians from Austin, San Marcos, Alpine, joined local Terlingua musicians.

The comment I heard most often was, “this is how Lajitas used to be.”

Collie Ryan Lajitas

Miss Collie Ryan

Back in the good ole days, Lajitas was the cultural center of the Big Bend. The old trading post, which is now the golf pro shop, was where drugs and candelilla wax were bootlegged, beer was drunk and drunks drank beer, dances were held, and you could find groceries and gas.

Then came the dark times, when millionaires flew in on their private jets and the locals were discouraged from coming around. There was actually a plan to build a loop around Lajitas so that locals and tourists wouldn’t spoil the vibe and cheapen the experience.

After the millionaires went broke, saner heads prevailed and Lajitas began the long, painful process of healing the rift.

At GoatStock, it was like old times. Hand made songs were played on wood and wire. Friends gathered for barbacoa, beer and conversation. Hopefully, GoatStock was just the first of many parties we’ll have in Lajitas.

Gill Prather

Gill Prather with Amanda Kitchens and Michelle Alany
Alex Whitmore Lajitas

Alex Whitmore

Sharron Reed and Jeffro Greasewood enjoy the music.
Lajitas music

Danny Hickle, Trevor Hickle, Charlotte Teer, and Michelle Alany
Bruce Salmon Lajitas

Bruce Salmon and Amanda Kitchens rock Lajitas

Amanda Kitchens, Bruce Salmon, Michelle Alany


Gill Prather has been partying in Lajitas since the 50’s.

Frank Myers yodels low

Mark Lewis and Chase Peeler

Frank playing along…

Old time acoustic music – Nick, Chase, Tim, Taylor and Mark

Nick, Frank and Jim Keaveny

Jeff Haislip

For the barbacoa.

Barbacoa and all the fixins

Water slide –

George Goss with Nick on bass

Just like olde times.

Claymore making a statement. With Debbie the goat girl.







3 Replies to “GoatStock 2014 – party for the candidates.”

  1. Just wish I could have been there….I think I belong there. Great Gathering, great purpose. Move forward all.

  2. Question: Is the office of mayor a lifetime office? Or will the winner have to run again in 4-6 years? Asking because I’d like to be there for this, what could be for me, once-in-a-lifetime Inauguration. Thank you in advance for any information.

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