Monday on the porch in Terlingua.

Yesterday, we hung out on the porch before dinner…

Chase Peeler, Jeffro Greasewood, Hillie Bills, Mark Lewis, Hank Woji, and a few others were playing… I was enjoying a cigar and the scenery and the scene.

Over the course of about an hour I snapped a few pics.  What struck me when I looked back on them was how the band morphed and changed over that hour.  People switch instruments, go on beer runs, see someone they want to talk to…

But, the music plays on.

Only in Terlingua, y’all.

musicians on the porch in Terlingua
Chase, Hank, Mark, Hillie.

music on the porch in terlingua

Chase, Ed, Mark Jeffro
Terlingua porch

Chase, Hank, Doc, Mark, Jeffro
Porch music in Terlingua
Hillie, Chase, Mark, Jeffro
Hank Woji on the porch in Terlingua

Mark Lewis on the porch in Terlingua

Chase on the porch playing guitar in Terlingua

Mark and Jeffro playing music on the porch in Terlingua
Mark and Jeffro
Hillie and Chase on the porch in Terlingua

Hillie and Chase

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