Saying goodbye to Glenn Felts

On Saturday, 2/22/14, Terlingua said good-bye to Glenn Felts in a fashion he would have approved of.

There was a wake/party at La Kiva with live music, beverages, and a delicious pot-luck dinner.

Terlinguans from all over the country travelled to gather one last time.  Friends who hadn’t seen each other in years hugged.  There were tears, laughter, and dancing.

Attendance was limited to close friends and family.  Glenn was much loved and had a lot of friends. The parking lot was full.  There were cars parked along the road.  The club was packed.

As the sun dropped low in the sky, shots of Glenn’s favorite drink – 12 year old Macallen single-malt scotch – were passed out to all attendees and we gathered for a final toast to Glenn.

Gumby walked to the microphone and, raised his glass, and said, “To Glenn.  He was my brother.  I loved him.  He loved all of you.”


pot-luck dinner…

Just Us Girls (JUGS) held a reunion

the world-famous penisaurus erectus


Just Us Girls…

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Dr. Fun played the very first open mic at La Kiva, over 17 years ago.

A last toast to Glenn. One of a kind.

Gumby: “He was my brother. I loved him. He loved all of you.”

Laird Considine, who hosted more open mics at La Kiva than anybody else and ran the stage at the wake, watched Buckner who set up the PA and ran sound all day – and all night, later.

Trevor Hickle, with Charlotte Teer, Neil Trammel, and me –

a few of Glenn’s close friends
Collie Ryan

Neil and Pablo Menudo – long time La Kivans

_DSC0009 g1


Glenn’s hat – photo by Betsy Blaydes.




Jessica, Sandy and Laura


8 Replies to “Saying goodbye to Glenn Felts”

  1. Glenn was a nice guy everytime i had encounters with him very quiet and cordial….May he RIP …he’ll be missed ..:(

  2. Glenn,
    Thank you for the La Kiva-Terlingua experience! I had the privilege to play your stage with my friends. After that experience we named our band “The Beer Drinkin Goats” after the mayor of Lajitas. The surreal surrounding of the Big Bend area were magical and will not be forgotten!
    Thank you!
    Ric Jones

  3. thanks for the best memoiries made in La Kiva, Terlingua … Big Bend …
    RIP Glenn … hope to come back oneday to West Texas to meet and enjoy your soul and spirit with a cool drink and hot music in La Kiva

  4. Locals of Terlingua and other people who knew Glenn and T. Flint,
    (If not appropriate or if not wanted, Pat O’Bryan, please delete.) Sorry to bother you.
    My reason of responding here is that I by accident stumbled upon ‘this case’. It peaked my interest and I wanted to write a blog article about it. Before anyone gets angry, let me explain a few things first. I’m not a reporter or journalist. I’m just a woman from the Netherlands who’s interested in true crime cases. Especially when it is about crimes against women, disappearances or injustices, there’s a chance I want to write about it. I’m just an amateur and don’t earn money with it. As a second, I write in a second language. So, if you notice something about my writing, mistakes in spelling and grammar a.o., that’s the reason. In my search online to find more info, besides the ‘infamous’ documentary Badlands, Texas, I came here. It seems a site where locals stop by, so to speak. That’s why I thought it would be a good place to ask you people a few things. Maybe you want to share some of your thoughts. If not, that’s very fine. Just wanted to give you folks a voice about
    1. Terlingua itself.
    What the area is like (nature for example), what living there means, what the best spots are for you. To have some background info on Terlingua from people who either know the area very well or of course live there.
    2. Who Glenn actually is.
    How he came across in general or what he meant to you personally. He’s after all the (biggest) victim in the story. He lost his life. Usually it’s all about who did it, how and why, but I don’t want to skip this part. I want to paint a picture of him that does him justice. He seemed a very empathic guy of what I have seen on images of him and read about him . I want that image preserved.
    3. Likely a(n even) more sensitive subject: Mr. Flint
    What kind of guy he was. I heard and read some good things about him, but also some things that one would think he could have an agressive side.
    4. The verdict
    Agree or not and why?

    As a last I want to add that I won’t mention names unless one would insist on being named. My purpose is more to see what the consensus is from the ones who like to have a say and use that. I think I will have the blog ready by the end of January. Also. My personal opinion will be added as well. That one might not be yours. But I always try to stay as fair as possible.

    To end this long message, I want to offer anyone who knew Glenn as a friend or as a family member my condolences. I’m very sorry for your loss.
    Kind regards,
    PS: you can reach me at
    Thank you in advance

    1. 1. Terlingua. It’s terrible. You wouldn’t like it. 😉
      2. Glenn was a great guy. Funny. Loved music.
      3. Tony is a huge teddy bear of a guy. Some people saw his mean side- he definitely had one, but so did Glenn.
      4. The verdict… that is such a complicated subject, and, as I suspected, the reality show treated it like it was a simple subject. The fact is that Tony and Glenn were good friends. Nobody thinks that Tony woke up that morning and said to himself, “I think I’ll go kill my good friend.” Tony and Glenn got stupid whiskey drunk together. Glenn died. Nobody knows how. It’s easy to try to reduce the complexity to a simple “good guy/bad guy” formula, but that doesn’t represent the reality of the situation.

      I honestly don’t understand much of the court case. The D.A. made some serious mistakes, and I have no idea why. I hesitate to make up stories- there’s enough of that going on.

      Real life is seldom black and white. Tony’s attorney was able to introduce enough confusion and uncertainty during the trial that the jury chose to not convict. I wasn’t on the jury. I also don’t think that Tony is a further danger to society, but that’s an uninformed opinion based on casual acquaintance. The bottom line is that the jury made the call and reducing Glenn’s death and Tony’s trial to a cheap emotional passion play is insidious- Glenn deserves better.

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