Want to play at the Viva Terlingua Festival?

Do you and/or your band want to play at the Viva Terlingua Festival?

Have you made a film that needs an audience?

viva terlingua posterWe’ve got 3 stages and four days/nights to work with for music, and a fine movie theatre for screenings, so there’s lots of room.

There will be lots of local musicians – Collie Ryan, George Goss, Trevor Hickle are in and Butch Hancock has given us a firm “maybe.” I expect several more to join the party.

Get in early on this- right now, it’s a blank slate and we’re open to creative ideas.  This is a great opportunity to get yourself, your songs and/or your band in front of a receptive crowd of true music lovers.

We’re talking to several sponsors- we’ll have a budget, but this ain’t Bonaroo, buckaroo. It’s a party in the most beautiful desert on the planet far from the constraints of civilization.

We’ve also got several very cool indie films scheduled to screen, but there’s room for more.

Contact Pat O’Bryan at koanwrangler@gmail.com or go sign up at http://viva-terlingua.com if you want to be involved.





2 Replies to “Want to play at the Viva Terlingua Festival?”

  1. Would love to come down and play woodwinds with the other desert rats, But the middle of AUGUST in Terlingua? I’ve lived in Ariz. and Texas nearly all my life and have noticed that even the critters have the sense to stay out of the heat in August. That said I have an outdoor solo evening gig in Ft. Stockton the 15th and an indoor Norteno night gig under hot lights in Midland the 16th. Oh well sometimes money overcomes my desire for comfort.Wish you all much success and a good time. Al

    1. Can’t argue with it being hot in August in Terlingua – it’s traditionally the slowest week of the year for the tourist industries down here. That’s why I chose that week.

      1. Terlingua is consistently cooler than Austin.
      2. We get $99 rooms (normally $250) at a very cool resort. Air conditioned. Two pools.
      3. It cools off at night. Most of the venues are air conditioned- the Starlight has a swamp cooler
      4. You’re not playing this festival for money. 😉 Most of the musicians are playing ’cause they want to play. Our entertainment budget is miniscule right now.

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