Music in Terlingua – just another Sunday.

It wasn’t a special day for music, but it was a day when the music in Terlingua was special.

REMINDER:  next weekend is GoatStock and Voices From Both Sides – huge weekend celebration in the Big Bend.  All the info you need:

First, I stopped by the Terlingua porch in the ghost town.  In addition to the usual suspects, Will Rogers award-winning songwriter, Gil Prather, was back in town.


Gil Prather
Will Rogers award winning songwriter, Gil Prather.

Will Rogers award winning songwriter, Gil Prather.

Later, Gil, Webster and I stopped by the El Dorado/High Sierra to watch Hank Woji and Mark Lewis.  Chase Peeler was sitting in on sax. 

porchdogs terlingua

Mark, Hank and Chase
porchdogs hank woji mark lewis chase peeler

Mark, Hank and Chase 2

After Hank and the boys finished their afternoon set, I sloped down to the Starlight where Bill Ivey was helping Mark Barefoot load in his gear.  Mark is an American Indian flute player who also is a specialist/expert on American Indian drums and drumming.

I think Terlingua is more about cowboys than indians, somehow… after about fifteen minutes of tootling, I wandered back out to the porch where the stars were shining and the porch jam was starting back up.

On the drive home, I reflected on the the amazing music scene we have out here.  We’re many miles and hours away from… well, just about anywhere.  There is no good reason to have a thriving music scene in Terlingua, but we damn sure do.

mark barefoot at the starlight, terlingua

mark barefoot at the starlight, terlingua

Mark Barefoot + American Indian flutes

Bryn (finally) sang a few songs.

Charlotte Teer and her viola

Sax whiz Chase Peeler is a walking library of Texas Americana music, too.

Webster playing an original honky-tonk song.

Cousin Jeffro plays ukelele and sings real mean…

Chase leading the choir.

melodica, viola, ukelele, guitars… just another day on the porch

Gil playing along…

for some reason, there are about 20 hula hoops on the porch…


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