Big Music Weekend in Terlingua

Last weekend was about as “Terlingua” as you can get.

Saturday there was a big benefit at the American Legion post at Terlingua Ranch to raise money to buy food for the Terlingua Crisis Center food distribution program.

George Goss and Webb Abbot and the “Sons of the Legion” put on a day of skeet-shooting, axe-throwing, prizes, cake-walks and music. Oh yea- there was also a tuna steak dinner that absolutely rocked.

The music continued Sunday at the High Sierra. Jeffro Greasewood is back in town having successfully grown several inches and a huge smile. Jeff Haislip hosted an open mic that started on the stage, moved into the dining room and ended up outside in the new outdoor bar.

Here’s the pics- enjoy!


Bruce Salmon playing the benefit at the High Sierra. Jim Keaveny on tambourine. George Goss on beer.


Collie Ryan and Jeff Haislip

The jam moved outside at the High Sierra. Pic by Betsy Blaydes.

Bruce Salmon and Jason Blum – pic by Betsy Blaydes

Mark and Jeffro

Jim Keaveny

A pixie.

Happy people at the American Legion.

Ask Moses about that shirt.

Dueling cameras.
Me, Bruce and Jason at the High Sierra. Pic by Betsy Blaydes.

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