The Porch After Voices From Both Sides 2016

Voices From Both Sides 2016 – Fiesta Protesta

I decided to sit this one out.

I think this was the 4th year that Terlingua has celebrated ” Voices From Both Sides.” For the last two years I arrived early, helped set up the sound system, and, with Trevor Hickle, sat behind the sound board in the sun.

The first year it was mostly a local event. This year national and International TV and news outlets attended and people flocked from all over. For pictures of this year’s celebration slip over to Google or Facebook and do a search- there were lots of great photographers in attendance.

I sat on the porch talking with some other locals and waited patiently. Sure enough, as the sun started to set the party moved to the porch. Guitars, dobros, mandolins, fiddles, a viola (not a fiddle!) and voices melded into a magical impromptu performance. Continue reading “The Porch After Voices From Both Sides 2016”

Terlingua Porch in the Summer

Summer in Terlingua.

Sometimes May can be the hottest month of the year. Not this year. Right now, it’s 69F at noon and tonight will fall to the 50’s.

bw sky

In the summer, the crowds thin out. Some river guides move to places that are “in season” in the summer. Some locals migrate to their summer homes in Colorado, New Mexico – anywhere that’s cooler than here.

The music continues. The Boathouse is still down for the count, but the Starlight Theatre and La Kiva have picked up the slack.

And then there’s the porch. Between the Starlight Theatre and the Terlingua Trading Post there is a covered cowboy porch, with benches against the wall.

This is where Terlingua watches the sun go down in the East. Continue reading “Terlingua Porch in the Summer”

Music in Terlingua – just another Sunday.

It wasn’t a special day for music, but it was a day when the music in Terlingua was special.

REMINDER:  next weekend is GoatStock and Voices From Both Sides – huge weekend celebration in the Big Bend.  All the info you need:

First, I stopped by the Terlingua porch in the ghost town.  In addition to the usual suspects, Will Rogers award-winning songwriter, Gil Prather, was back in town.


Gil Prather
Will Rogers award winning songwriter, Gil Prather.

Will Rogers award winning songwriter, Gil Prather.

Later, Gil, Webster and I stopped by the El Dorado/High Sierra to watch Hank Woji and Mark Lewis.  Chase Peeler was sitting in on sax.  Continue reading “Music in Terlingua – just another Sunday.”

Banjo in the Boathouse – Terlingua porch music

Yesterday, as Betsy and I were sitting on the porch in the Terlingua Ghost town watching the sun set in the East, smoking a delicious Cohiba Maduro and sipping a locally brewed Porter, Sharron Reed introduced me to Trevor Smith, an alarmingly talented banjo player from Austin, and his wife Christina.

Trevor plays with “Wood and Wire,” a well-known bluesgrass group that travels the country irritating traditionalists and delighting music lovers, I suspect.


Trevor Smith

Normally, the appearance of a banjo on the porch is not a cause to rejoice.  In this case, it was a delight. Continue reading “Banjo in the Boathouse – Terlingua porch music”