Pat O’Bryan’s Legendary Legion Jam #1

New Year’s Eve Eve, the night before New Year’s Eve, is traditionally a night when musicians get together and party.

Nobody has a gig the night before New Year’s Eve.

This started out as an idea I had to have a pickin’ party and get-together with my local musician friends.  Then, they invited some friends.  Then, word got around and some other pickers decided to come party with us.

I set up a small PA system and a video camera.

Production notes courtesy of David Shane Duke

Click through for all the pics!

David Shane Duke



Hollywood and Judy


Ron and George


Maria Moss and Jon Hogan


Jon Hogan


Betsy and Hollywood


Locals enjoying the jam.


George Goss and Mo


Trevor Reichman and Mo


Ron, Sierra, Jessica, Christa…


Pablo Menudo


Jim Keaveny


George Goss




George in the spirit world.


Charlotte and her fiddle. Yes, I said fiddle. 😉


Charlotte and Chris

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