Townes Van Zandt Wake and Jam – Starlight Theatre

On New Year’s Day, Jon Hogan and Maria Moss hosted the 2nd annual Townes Van Zandt Wake and Jam at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua, Texas.

It was a packed house and many notable musicians, including Butch Hancock, were there.   The music and emotion  transcended the atrocious PA mix.

It was a Terlingua-style jam, with a full stage of heart-felt pickin’ and remembering Townes.

Chris Baker, Butch Hancock, Emilie Klepper

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Crowd favorite JP (Jalapeno) Schwartz “Flyin’ Shoes.”


Canadian singer-songwriter Emilie Klepper


A packed house…


Chris Baker relaxes between sets


Butch Hancock at the Starlight, Terlingua
Butch remembers Townes in song


uh clem at the starlight, terlingua
Uh Clem opened the show

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