Viva Terlingua Festival Schedule of Events (updated)

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Here’s the tentative schedule for the 2014 Viva-Terligua Festival.

To buy wristbands and get more info, click HERE.

Check-in to get your wristbands – Noon- 5:00PM in the lobby at Lajitas

Wristbands will also be available at the venues.

Check back here for the film festival schedule.

Thursday, Aug 14 – The Thirsty Goat, Lajitas

9-10 Butch Hancock

8-9 Virginia Heaven

7-8 Jeff Haislip

6-7 TBA

5-6 George Goss

Thursday, Aug 14 – The Starlight Theatre, Terlingua

10-12 Joe King Carrasco – full band!

8:30- 9:30 Andres Cantisani

7:30 – 8:30 Carlos Maxwell

6:30 – 7:15 Collie Ryan

5:30 – 6:45 Jeff Haislip

Friday, Aug. 15 – The Thirsty Goat

10-12 The Staylyns

9-10 Tom Ben Lindley

8-9 Dan McCoy

7-8 Lisa Kettyle

6-7 Alex and Marti Whitmore


Friday, Aug 15 – Starlight

10:00 – 12:00 Los Pinche Gringos

9- 10 Butch Hancock

8-9 The March Divide

7-8 Jesse Brand

6-7 Laird Considine

5-6 Jalepeno Schwartz


Saturday, Aug. 16 – Thirsty Goat

10:30-12 The March Divide

8:15-9:15 DB Rouse

7:15-8:15 Jaeger Wells

6:15-7:15 The New Vagabonds

5:15-6:15 Dr. Fun

4:00 – 5:00 Jason Blum


Saturday, Aug. 16 – Starlight

10- 12 Bottom Dollar String Band

9- 10 Matt Harlan

8-9 Jesse Brand

7-8 DB Rouse

6-7 Ma N God

5-6 Crystal Allbright


Sunday, Aug. 17 – Thirsty Goat

8-10 Andres’ Cantisani

7-8 Aaran Todd

6-7 Tahoma

5-6  Jason Blum

4-5  Trevor Hickle

Sunday, Aug 17 – Starlight

10 – 12 The Shady Rest Trio

8:30 – 9:30 Matt Harlan

7:30-8:30 Jeremy Stedding

6:30 – 7: 30  Radio Restoration

5:30 – 6:30 Quiet Morning and the Calamity

5:00 – 5:30 Alex and Marti Whitmore

4:30 – 5:00 George Goss



Buster Jiggs and the Fabulous Vortexans at Lajitas – Free Show!

Free Outdoor Concert in Lajitas!




March 1st…  Cheap beer and BBQ.  Beautiful outdoor Amphitheatre.    Did I mention that it’s a FREE show?

The Vortexans will go on around 6 PM.  Buster Jiggs will follow.

If you haven’t seen them before, check out the video below. They’re real good.

And… you know the Fabulous Vortexans. Come out early to support the home team!

Terlingua, Texas Music News – 1/20/14

I’ll update this as I get more info-

Starlight Theatre 

Monday – Jan 20 – Burger Night with Laird Considine
Tuesday – Jan 21 – Clem

Wednesday – Jan 22 – The Whitmores

Thursday – Jan 23 – Jeff Haislip

Friday – Jan 24 – Hillie Bills

Saturday – Jan 25 – Terra Peters

Sunday – Jan 26 – Brunch with Bryn Moore

Monday – Jan 27 – Burger Night with Trevor Reichman

Tuesday – Jan 28 – Clem


This week at the High Sierra: 

The High Sierra’s Annual Chili CookOff is on for Jan 24, 25 & 26!

We need judges! Over 50 cooks. Chili, brisket, spare ribs, chicken, bloody marys, beans & salsa contests. Live music all weekend …

We will be open for breakfast at 8 am for those three days.

Musicians, come jam to a crowd of 200 or more at our outside bar!

This Week in Terlingua Music 10-28-13

This Week in Terlingua Music – 10-28-13

Best Texas Americana Music from the Texas Big Bend

Starlight Theatre

Tuesday – Oct 29 – Clem
Wednesday – Oct 30 – Tim Relleva
Friday – Nov 1 – Trevor Reichman
Saturday – Nov 2 – Halloween Dance Party with DJ Archmang
Sunday – Nov 3 – Brunch with The Whitmores 11am – 2pm
Sunday – Nov 3 – Moonfly 7pm – 9pm
Monday – Nov 4 – Burger Night with Laird Considine
Tuesday – Nov 5 – Clem
Wednesday – Nov 6 The Whitmores

The High Sierra Bar and Grill


Monday -Thursday any musician that wants to come play during business hours can play for a meal and drink.

Friday – Nov 1 ~ Larid Considine and Friends – 7pm
Saturday – Nov 2 ~ Dr. Fun
Sunday – Nov 3 – Hangover Jam.  Open mic and jam session.  Last week we had Jason Blum Trevor Reichman, and special guest, Alejandro Escovedo.  (You never know who will show up.)

La Kiva

Thursday – Oct 31 – Big Hallowe’en Show with The Vortexans.


Deek Emmons Appreciation Fund (DEAF)

I’m going to leave this up as a memorial to my buddy, Deek Emmons, who passed away shortly after this post was written.

It was ages ago, but my memory of meeting Deek was at Camp Urland, a Boy Scout camp in the Piney Woods run by a sadistic psychopath and his sexually confused helpers.

It made “Lord of the Flies” look like Disneyland.

However, for reasons I’ll explain someday, it was better than being at home.

While walking through the camp, I was trapped by a group of guys who were throwing rocks at me.  This is before I learned about lawyers, guns and money, so I was just kinda not participating in the process- their behavior confused me.  I was also probably crying.

This bigger, older guy showed up and shoo’d off the rock throwers.  That was my introduction to Deek- at least how I remember it.

Later, we became like brothers.  Played music together.  Drank the same booze, did the same drugs (mostly), and dated the same girls. Continue reading “Deek Emmons Appreciation Fund (DEAF)”

Legiondary Jam 6 – Sunday, 5/26/13

Legiondary Jam 6 – Live Texas Americana Music from Terlingua, Texas.

At 4:00 the Legion was packed. A gang of about twenty happy bikers joined the crowd on the porch.

At 5:15 (or so) dinner was served. Ron made brisket, Wes made some amazing saucy sausages, Dave baked a ham –  there were beans, salad, and hot dogs…

The music started around 6:15 (or so). George brought a new song. Al Berry and his Randi showed up and Al did a nice set. Look through the pics below for all the performers.

It was a hot night, but that didn’t slow down the dancers.

By 11:15 PM we ran out of musicians… I did a short set, and we all headed off in our various directions.

BTW, there are discussions happening about installing a swamp cooler in the legion. There’s ‘a’fixin’ta be a change in management before the next jam. Many improvements coming.

Feel free to leave a comment about ways we can make the legiondary jams better.

Jeff and Greg played the song they wrote together…
Pablo and Jessco dancing.

Continue reading “Legiondary Jam 6 – Sunday, 5/26/13”

$2,700+ For Amity!

Terlingua, Texas Americana Music for a good cause!

On May 19, 2013, the Terlingua community pulled together for a benefit for little Amity, who is going to have to have a few operations.

Benefit for Amity.
Benefit for Amity.

No one person could provide enough money to pay for the trips to Fort Worth for Amity and her parents, but as a community, we could.

The music started at 3.  George Goss, who organized and ran the benefit, and I were there at 1.  By the time I left at 11:30, we’d raised over $2,700 in small bills. Continue reading “$2,700+ For Amity!”

Aliens in Terlingua? You’d be surprised.

Terlingua, Texas Americana Music – the Aliens gave a grounded performance but kinda laid down on the job, LOL.

Legiondary Jam 5 was a huge success.  Best attendance ever.  Excellent music – musicians from other places are starting to discover our little jam.

The pot-luck dinner was stunning:  etouffe’, bbq bratwurst, chili, BBQ from Bobby’s Blues and BBQ, and much, much, more.

I’ll post about that tomorrow.

The Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment’s set deserves a post of its own.

I provide the PA system for the show and run the sound.  As I was setting up Jim Keaveny’s microphone, he informed me he was going to perform laying down.


Then, Pablo Menudo decided that if Jim was going to play horizontally, then he would, too.  I guess he was showing solidarity with Jim.

Nick and Anna watched for a minute, laughed, and joined them.   It was a sight, especially seeing Nick cuddled up with his big ol’ bass on the floor.

They did actually perform a song.

Chris Baker was intrigued.  She walked up to the stage area, and joined the band.

After a while, several members of the audience were also laying down on the dance floor.

I’ll let the aliens leave comments if they want to tell us what the significance of the horizontal performance was.

I can tell you that it was hilarious.

Here are the pics and video.  Enjoy!   Continue reading “Aliens in Terlingua? You’d be surprised.”

Nick’s “Not Really Bluegrass” Jam.

Another source for Terlingua, Texas Americana music.

Local bass player and all around good guy, Nick Cooper, is hosting a “Not Really Bluegrass” jam on Saturdays, around 5:00.  It started out as a bluegrass jam, but, it turns out, hardly anybody down here can actually play bluegrass.

So, it’s morphed into a singer/songwriter kinda thing – everybody stands or sits in a circle – everybody sings and plays along.  Kinda like a ghost-town choir, and I mean that in a good way.

The current location is the boatyard, but it’s going to be floating to Bobby’s Blues and BBQ soon.

LaRoja and I attended last night, and had a blast.

There are a lot of musical opportunities in the Big Bend, but there’s nothing quite like this anywhere else.  Totally acoustic.  Great vibe.

Here are some pics.  Enjoy.j1 j16



Continue reading “Nick’s “Not Really Bluegrass” Jam.”