1st “Second Sunday” Jam at the High Sierra

Terlingua, Texas Americana Music

The first “Second Sunday” Jam at the High Sierra exceeded my expectations.

New location.  New time.  And the Terlingua Moon (the only “newspaper” out here) didn’t include our info, so the PR campaign consisted of flyers.  It could have been lonely…

It was a blast.  Somehow, word got out.

The room was full of locals, tourists and musicians.  George Goss started at 2:00 and Moe and Brandi closed the show around midnight.  In between, some truly amazing music happened.  Unexpected combinations of musicians played together, some new musicians showed up, and everybody played like they meant it.

It was a good show.

For the musicians, it was also a chance for good friends to hang out, play together, and share gratitude for being part of such a vibrant musical community.  For the audience, it was a free concert showcasing the region’s finest talent.

The High Sierra is a great location for the concert.  They’ve got a large selection of cold beer, great food (Tacos Alhambra (sp?) for me), cheerful staff, and the best air conditioner in the county.

The experiment was a success.  We’ll be doing a “Second Sunday” concert on a regular basis from now on.

We didn’t have a designated charity for this one, so the money raised will go to the Terlingua Music General Do-Gooder fund.

After the concert, a few dedicated partiers gathered at the outside bar for conversation under the stars.  The moon was setting- a dark gold sliver over the ghost town.  The Milky Way was a spray of diamonds across the sky.  Music played from a pickup truck.  And, somebody just happened to have a cooler of beverages.

Talking to the local track coach, I learned that he’s got a new batch of kids that he thinks can take State this year- if only they could afford shoes.

I think we’ve found our charity for the next “Second Sunday” jam.

Having a good time.

Webster channeled George Jones… With Anna Oakley and Moe.
Jim Keaveny played bass in the stairwell. I don’t know why, but it sounded great.
Tate… waiting patiently until Amity is old enough to dance.
Collie Ryan. A local legend.
Jim Keaveny, with Pablo Menudo and Nick Cooper
Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment and a full house.
Rocky Top Alien Breeding Experiment –
Greg Grymes with Anna Oakley and Patrick Smith
Charley Maxwell on bass.
Jeff Haislip and… well, this guy is riding a bike to Panama and stopped in Terlingua. He’s playing a Melodica.
Charley Maxwell, with Nick on bass and Pablo on mandolin.
Charley and Pablo use the same tailor.
Jim Keaveny
George Goss with Jim on tambourine.
3-chord George, with Nick on bass.



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  1. Do these pictures remind anyone else of the Hi Vista Community Hall in the Talking Heads “Road to Nowhere” video? I genuinely didn’t think this sort of community still existed anywhere, and I’m envious of you guys.

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