Legendary Legion Jam #2

The second Legiondary jam was a blast.

On a stunning full-moon night, in the desert about 25 miles North of the Mexican border, a group of musicians – from Dallas, Austin, Fort Davis, Terlingua – got together to play music and hang out.

Word got around, and some of the locals showed up to join the party.

It’s a good thing it was a warm night.  There’s no way that everybody who showed up would have fit into the American Legion hall.

I took video – 2 cameras – which means there’s a total of 12 hours of video that somebody gets to wade through to find the good parts.  In the mean time, there were a LOT of photographers there.  Looking through my shots, I think I got some good ones.  I don’t have time to whup ’em into shape, so I’m just posting snapshots here to give you an idea of what the evening was like.

Thanks to all the pickers and singers who played for free.  You’ll be gratified to know that we raised almost $200 for the Crisis Breadbasket Center.  That will feed some people.

We’ll be doing Legiondary Jam #3 in February.  Check back here for dates and details.

Enjoy the pics-  

Anna gettin’ down


terlingua music pablo menudo
Pablo Menudo


terlingua music dancing
dancin’ at the legion


Sandi, George and Jess dancing


terlingua music fiddle
Charlotte and her Viola. “It is NOT a fiddle…”


JP was the camera crew.


terlingua music - jon hogan maria moss
Jon and Maria enjoying the show.


terlingua music maria moss
Maria Moss


jon hogan string band terlingua music
Maria, JP, Jon


I think she likes it…


a request


King George holds court
terlingua music collie ryan
Collie Ryan – she’s real good, y’all


Brandy gets some stage time in.


Jeff did a fine set.



Jim Keaveny


terlingua music pablo menudo
Pablo Menudo




Sandi and Charlotte


Cowboy Chris


Mike Dwyer “D-Wire”




havin’ a good time



4 Replies to “Legendary Legion Jam #2”

  1. Hey everyone who came to the Legion jam this time: there was an iPhone with charger, tambourines, a harmonica holder, and a few kitchen items left behind. Call 371-2275 or come by to claim them.

    Thank you everyone, it was a great night.

    Dave Secor
    (bartender at the Legion)

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